Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Mini Hiatus-again

My sis is visiting again with baby. So I probably won't be posting or visiting much this week. Just in case anyone starts to miss me....

:o) Have a good week ya'll!

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

I don't usually do this

But this guy deserved it because he was walking around the beach harassing young girls. I don't like to make fun of people's fashion choices, it's not nice and not something I find funny. HOWEVER, if you're looking at this picture and thinking," oh SH*#!That's me", let me give you some advice: If you're goal is to walk around the beach to harass teenage girls, it's probably not a good idea to do it in a fluorescent orange bikini bottom. In fact try not to go to JAIL and just hit on 18 year olds, but go out and buy some shorts first. You can get some at Walmart for $9.99--I saw some last week,OK? By the way, for future reference, women don't get turned on by men in bikinis licking their lips and making obscene tongue gestures at them. Now go home and tell all your friends please.

This post is dedicated to Ms.Maurey Pierce who, a few weeks ago wrote pure poetry about who I think might be this guy's cousin.

And remember this guy? I think he might be a cousin as well.

Monday, August 27, 2007

Um, ok

I don't really discuss my political and religious beliefs on this blog. In fact I don't really discuss those topics in my conversations very much unless someone asks. If asked, I will give my unedited honest opinion. When I was 18 or 19, I probably used to be a pit bull about it especially when I knew someone was saying something just to get under my skin. But my opinions are just that-my opinions and frankly I don't really care if a person agrees with me or not and for the most part if I admired them before I knew, it probably wouldn't change my feelings for said hypothetical person if they had a different belief. Another reason I don't really feel the need to start conversations about those topics is because one doesn't have to spend a whole lot of time with me to figure out where I stand since I'm not the sort of person who hides their feelings. But once in a blue moon, like everyone, I encounter some poor sad soul whose mouth surprisingly spews out stupidness the magnitude of which I didn't know existed before and on behalf of people with an IQ of at least over .01, I feel like I have to say something halfway intelligent.(ok I know the correct word is stupidity, but stupidness sounds funnier) Mind you, I promise I didn't take a condescending tone in the snippets of conversation I'm about to tell you smart people about because I'm not like that-I hate people like that. I was in a really good mood and I truly liked who I was talking to so I was being , you know, regular. (Forgive me, I couldn't think of a better word.)

I don't know how talk about the war started but I'm sure this war is brought up in millions of conversations everyday:

Her: Yeah, people can say what they want to say about the war but I just think it really had to be done.

Me: A lot of people feel that way.

Her: Well, you know because after 9-11, we had to go after Osama Bin Laden. That's why the war in Iraq has continue until they find him.

Me: Um, I don't think he's in Iraq.

Her: Of course he is, why else would they be there then?

Me: Well, if we're talking about looking for him, I don't think they believe him to be in Iraq.....

Her: He is.

(she looked to the drunk person next to us and asked him: Isn't he?)

Me: I think we're talking about Afghanistan.

(I was wondering if maybe she was just innocently geographically incorrect. I was wrong)

Her: Oh-same thing.

Me: I'm pretty sure it's a completely different country.

Her: Same thing to me.

Me: oh ok

After that I just kind of put my mind on automatic pilot while waiting for the subject to change because.....well, you've read the above I don't even have to explain why. But the subject didn't change. I want to say though, before anyone thinks otherwise that at no point in my interaction with this girl did I ever get mad or irritated or mean spirited. I almost don't know why I even bothered though. I guess because she was so sweet in her manner and intelligent and interesting in the other things we talked about. Someone brought up the election:

Her: I really hate Hilary.

Me: Really?

Her: Yeah she should have left her husband, maybe then I could vote for her but I think she handled that badly.

Me: I certainly wouldn't put up with that kind of behavior from my own husband but I was 16 when he was elected and even then I knew he was chasing after anything in a skirt so I'm pretty sure she knew what she was getting into. She's no idiot.

Her: I just don't think America is ready for a woman to be president, oh am I offending you, are you for Hilary?

Me: Um, I'm not offended.....

I really liked that guy McCain, I think he's Jewish.

Me: I don't think he's Jewish.

Her: Yeah.

Me: Are you talking about Joe Lieberman?

Her: I don't think so. He's a GOP member right?

Me: John McCain is, but no Joe Lieberman was a registered Democrat and now I believe he's an Independent.

Her: No McCain-the Jewish guy-the senator who was running with Gore that time, that's who I'm talking about. He's the one that was in a POW camp for a long time. I don't think he's running anymore though. Shame, I really liked him.

Ok, Do ya'll want more? Because I was listening to this for at least 20 minutes so I have more-just ask and I can give it to you but I think these 2 snippets are enough to get the idea. I couldn't make this kind of stuff up. And you want to hear a cherry on top? This girl is a Sophomore at one of the top Universities in the state ok.


Friday, August 24, 2007


He was probably redecorating.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007


I promised myself I would get on my bike and ride to my beach, rain or shine yesterday and I'm glad I did.
Peanut opted to stay in bed after his morning walk. Lazy!

The sky was so nice and the beach practically empty.

Just a jogger here and there.

I started walking south for a change since for some reason I usually walk northwards. I came across a sea turtle nest. They are endangered and protected under the law so I guess there's a 'society' of some kind(probably one I used to be a member of) who puts up the orange tape.

The tree hugger in me was delighted to read the words fines and imprisonment in the warning sign.

For a while, I wasn't finding any shark teeth. The tide was too high for me to really find the good stuff but I did manage to find a few small ones and what looks like a piece of vertebrae. I also picked up those matching shells. I didn't find them like that, they were stuck together- probably left over from a bird's meal.

I only stayed for an hour because it was so hotdamn! After rinsing my legs, I packed up all my stuff, and found a couple more near my bag. That shell looks like someone decided to paint the sunrise on it, doesn't it?

One last look and I rode home.

Damn I love that beach.

Monday, August 20, 2007

Things I miss badly

In no order of importance

1. coffee-I quit coffee for the summer. I can't drink hot drinks when it's hotdamn! out outside. I miss the ritual of it. Usually around 10am all my morning stuff is done and I head out to the patio with my cup, a book or newspaper to sit in the sun and ignore the telephone. If it's too cold I sit by the eastern most window.

2. bikeriding-Again, the heat, mygawd the heat! I'm not a morning person so waking up early to avoid the 90plus heat is totally out of the question. I would only get out of bed before 8:00 for two things: Peanut asking to go out(which never happens because he's not a morning pup either) or someone's paying me to get up. Even then I'm not fully functional until at least 9:30 and there's a 70% chance of bitchiness until 10:00 coffee time. I'll try to go out tomorrow though, I'm dying to look for shark teeth. I never used to complain about the heat and actually, I'm not now. I still rather enjoy being hot but I can't tolerate as much as I used to. Ever since my thyroid was removed I have no temperature control and being too much of one or the other makes me feel nauseas.

3. Cap'n Crunch cereal with Crunchberries-OK. I know they still make it, but the Crunchberries aren't red. They have blue and I think green ones and it tastes awful. In this case, change was bad.

4. Hawaii-I'm not even going to go into why. It should just be self explanatory. And my question is, does Hawaii miss me? Nope.

5. Eating whatever the hell I felt like at whatever the hell time I felt like eating it. I found a place that makes Oreo cookie ice cream milkshakes even better than Dairy Queen's Oreo cookie blizzard and dammit I could order a large one every day for the rest of my life.

6. This baby.

I didn't buy that outfit. Honest...

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Random weekend

-I haven't gone shark tooth hunting in a while. I saw some people at the beach today looking for some shark teeth. The beach I went to doesn't really have any or at least not as many as the spot I usually hit for them. I have found a couple teeth there before so I sort of have this 'mental trophy' for being the only one I know who has ever found any at this particular beach. I prepared myself to be slightly jealous if they were able to find any. They didn't. I'm still the reigning champion. Bow down shark teeth hunting losers!

- I also collect all white scallop shells and this beach has always been the best spot for those. I should have told them they wouldn't find any shark teeth but if they wanted pretty pink and white scallop shells instead, they were in luck. But I was too lazy to be nice today. Plus, then everyone would find out and the day would come when all the scallop shells would be picked over just like the shark teeth are at that beach and I can't handle any more heartbreak over Florida as it is.

-Speaking of heartbreak, I think I'm going to have to throw out my tomato plant. I noticed that the coffee can I planted it in is getting rusty and that can't be good for it? Plus it's infested with red mites and I don't want any of my other plants to get infested. Still, I feel like even if I won't be eating any of the tomatoes I should at least try to re-pot it until it's season is over and it dies naturally? Why is it that when I have to throw out a plant for the sake of the others I feel like I'm committing murder on a living thing? Especially since I had absolutely no qualms about screaming for my husband to squash a huge bug in my bathroom last night.

-Speaking of my bathroom, it now smells like Springtime Scent Raid since my husband got into a battle with said nasty bug. My closet is in a little nook inside the bathroom so now all of my clothes smell like Springtime Scent Raid as well.

*By the way thanks to everyone who didn't make fun of me over the fact that I didn't even notice I spelled 'my' wrong on my last post until just now. I'm going to leave it misspelled so that I can now have another 'mental trophy' for being the only person in the English speaking world who could misspell the word 'my.'

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Last time I'm going to post about ym hair I promise

Unless it catches on fire or something like that. I just had to say that today I paid 25 dollars for a damn good haircut. Don't you just love when stuff like that happens? I didn't tell my new hairdresser how much I was paying ya'll keep quiet if you run into her somewhere.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007


All my life I have always wanted to be like my Grandmother. I ask myself everyday if she was alive, would she be proud of me? She was so loving and sweet. She had a gift for making the simplest things so special. One of my favorite memories was the summer I turned 5 years old. It was about a week before my actual birthday and we were visiting them because my family was moving to Hawaii. We had just finished dinner and I asked if I could have a Twinkie for dessert. She went into the kitchen to get one for me and when she came back, my Twinkie was on a plate with a lit candle in it and she made everyone sing to me even though it wasn't my birthday yet. I was so happy, for a second, I really thought it was my birthday and I even asked my mom if it meant that I was 5 now. Just thinking about that Twinkie makes me feel as special today as I did in that moment 26 years ago. I've been told that sometimes I'm like my Grandpa. He wasn't one to hold back words. If he had something to say, you were going to hear the truth whether you liked it or not. I don't know if I really am like that or not. I'd like to think I am a combination of both: being able to be honest with delicacy. The truth is, I often rather keep my mouth shut because I don't like hurting anyone's feelings. The one thing I somehow inherited from my Grandma that I wish I didn't was the fact that I worry so much over everyone I love. I was once told by someone who didn't know me well that that kind of worry is rooted in a need to control everything. Anyone who knows anything at all about me would laugh. I am the most passive person in the world. I hate controlling people and that's the last quality on Earth I would wish for. I don't even like it when I'm given the opportunity to pick out a place to eat. A word I use the most in my life is, "whatever...." , as in, "whatever you guys want to do, I'm happy anywhere." This is the truth. Another thing I inherited from my Grandma is being happy in any situation as long as everyone else is happy. I don't worry about myself, I have always had a charmed life and even when bad things have happened, I'm always ok, I always bounce back. That's just me. But not everyone has what I have, happiness and ease. And it kills me to see someone I love struggle. Anyway that's not what I wanted to talk about right now, I have something heavy on my mind and I find myself wishing my Grandparents were still here so badly, I feel like I can't breathe . I wanted to talk about how much I hate keeping secrets. I wanted to go into how there's a big difference between secrets, privacy, and surprises; three things we're always supposed to keep quiet about. It's just that, for me, there's always a heaviness about a secret. A secret is always something that's supposed to be hidden, not spoken about, has consequences, is usually shameful to the person it belongs to. I hate secrets so I just don't keep any, that is, I don't go around telling people's secrets, I just don't keep any of my own. If someone asks me something with good intentions, I'll tell, no matter how deep. I. don't. like. secrets. And for some reason, people tell me their secrets. I once had a cashier at the grocery store who I'd never met before tell me a couple things about her husband's anatomy that I didn't even want to know. This happens to me all the time. I should elaborate on this fact another time but I'm too anxious for all that. This post is a perfect example of what's going on in mind right now. My thoughts are going in all directions because basically someone revealed a secret to me recently that has me happy, sad, and scared to death for that person all at the same time. I wasn't able to say, don't worry, it's ok, because it is SO not ok. And all I can think about is how I wish my Grandma was alive to tell me everything would be fine and then we would pray for whoever I was worried about because she was so good at that. Much better than me.

Monday, August 13, 2007

Hair(not the play), incase anyone was wondering-not that I was expecting anyone to wonder

Thanks for all the input guys! This is what I did. I took every one's advice and just canceled my appointment. I scheduled an appointment with another place for Wed. I'll try it a couple times and if I don't like it, I'm still not going back. My hair is long and straight, it's not that hard to cut and as long as it stays long and straight, I'm really not that picky about who cuts it. I went to that place for a long time and my original hairdresser who charged me 40 moved away and the new girl(s) they were sending me to were more expensive. I just think 60bucks is too much to pay for something as silly as "aesthetic maintenance." This doesn't count all the chemicals I'm always convinced into getting-highlights, toners, glosses, color. Sometimes my bill would add up to 150! Of course this is my fault for agreeing to do all this stuff in the first place but it's like I become this zombie the minute I have that robe on who says, ok sounds good. I also felt like I was getting this "look" because I stopped buying their shampoos($23.00). I don't use any products in my hair either. Basically the reason they charge so damn much is because they are a "(insert shishifoofoo brand name the 'cool people' like) lifestyle salon." I found another place that's just as nice and less expensive when I took my nephew to get his hair cut last week and I just felt more comfortable there. If I had a high maintenance 'do', I wouldn't mind the 60dollars plus tips.

There are a lot of things I would splurge for(like those glasses maybe-I'm still thinking about it) but not hair that ends up in a ponytail because of the heat anyway! I never thought I would EVER blog about my hair but there you go. I'm officially that girl that blogged about her damn hair, don't tell anyone. Ok tomorow I have to come up with something more hard hitting, any suggestions?

*Ok I just thought of something. I didn't/couldn't make this up. Today, while MrPea and I were at the store buying all kinds of stuff in bulk(don't even get me started on all the joys I get from buying in bulk), I had to use the bathroom. There was a lady in the stall next to me making all kinds of, um, noises. Porno noises. I only saw 2 feet so I know she was in there alone. Since she wasn't concerned at all about the fact that I was there, I decided not to care either and didn't bother trying to hold my laughter in. Who does that at a damn ware house store? Ok don't answer.

Friday, August 10, 2007

A superficial topic but oh well it's MY damn blog, isn't it?

-I'm thinking about breaking up with my hairdresser. She doesn't even know it, but Thursday might be her last chance to prove to me that the arm and leg I'm paying for a haircut and sometimes highlight/color/toner/whateveritisI'mstupidlyconvincedtodoeveryfewweeks is really worth it. Especially since I found someone just as good for half the damn price who won't push any of those ridiculously priced products (when I don't even use that stuff) on me. I was just going to cancel my appointment and never come back. Would that make me one of those guys who say they'll call after a few dates then don't? If so, I'm ready to live with that. Especially since it means I would be saving so much money that I wouldn't feel so guilty as to refrain from buying other ridiculously priced items that I desire a hell of a lot more than gels and shampoos I'll never use and aroma therapy crap that bring on my allergies.

-The thing is, I don't remember whether or not I gave her my blog address so if she's reading this then she'll know and if I decide to show up for my appointment on Thursday, I might walk out of that place with horrible hair. In that case, I'm definitely canceling my appointment and if they ask why, I'll tell the truth. If not and you're reading this, future ex-hairdresser, the truth is this: It's not you dear. It's me. I'd like to um, I don't know, NOT spend a damn arm and leg on hair that always looks the same anyway so I can have extra money left over for shoes, medical bills, and the like.

-I feel a little bad too because she's been cutting my hair for about two years now and she's really nice and very talented. Ok actually I just added up all the money I've spent plus tips in my head, and I don't feel bad anymore. I feel bad about the damn money I spent, that's what I feel bad about.

Thursday, August 09, 2007

This calls for an anouncement of some kind!

I took my nephew to get his driver's license the other day. He took driver's ed so all he had to do was bring in his paperwork from class and pass the eye test. Get ready for this though:

There were no lines. We didn't wait our turn for longer than 2 minutes. The receptionist was very nice and smiley. The woman processing him was also really nice and actually remembered him from the last time he was there. His picture came out great. We were out of there in less than 10 minutes. They told us to have a nice day like they meant it and congratulated him on becoming a driver.


I was expecting to be there for at least an hour, I even had a mental talk with myself about being patient. It was like the Stepford driver's license workers- and I mean that in a good way. Did something happen I didn't hear about? Did someone give them some free donuts that day?

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Luna Moth Car Wash

My mom went to the Philippines for a long visit with her family and gave me her car to keep while she is away. It badly needed a wash and vacuum so I went out early today to do it myself before the heat has a chance to melt me. Ok, before I go on I want to say 2 things: 1.I'm not man-bashing, I love you guys, you guys are great.(so long as you all know your place...ok I'm only kidding..or am I) 2.I'm not complaining about my height. I love being petite, I wouldn't be taller than the 4feet 11inches that I am for all the money in supermodel land. Never. Ok.
The thing about being petite, in my experience is there are certain people who think because you are short, you need help all the time....because you're helpless and probably dumb. Since you're the same size as a child, you should be treated like one. I understand this and really it doesn't bother me especially since there are so many benefits to having people feel this way about you. Like when you need to play stupid to get information out of someone-information they wouldn't give you if they knew you were smart enough to do something with said info, not that I'm that devious but I'm just can come in handy, ok but that's besides the topic. And men. Well, I think because I'm small, they think they need to protect me, or help me all the time. There's nothing wrong with this but there's a certain kind of patronizing way of helping someone that I get a lot because of my small stature.
So as I was saying, I washed my mom's car this morning-dressed decently before anyone comments that these people may have been flirting! It's not a fancy car and it's not new. I didn't want to detail the damn thing, just clean it up a little. A few people stopped by, I'm assuming because they think I'm a tiny and helpless complete idiot, to let me know in the most patronizing tone of voice how to wash a damn car. Do I look like a stupid fool? Apparently.

Car#1. Um...excuse me? Yeah you need to start from the top and work your way to the bottom.That's how you're supposed to do it. Me: Well, I can't reach the top so it's going to have to stay dirty, plus I don't really care that much but thanks. Car#2. Hey are you planning to wash your car? Yeah, You gotta make sure the soap doesn't dry in the sun before you rinse. It's bad for the paint. Me: Well, that's why I parked in the shade. The paint is already faded anyway so it doesn't really matter. Thanks. Car#3. You're not using dish soap are you? Not a good idea. Me: No it's not, it's car soap. I've washed plenty of cars in my lifetime without incident but thanks for the advice. I'm pretty sure everything will be ok.
Was kinda bitchy, wasn't it? Especially since two of these people are old enough to be my grandpas. I made a decision a long time ago not to give out any unasked for advice ever again and this reinforced it.

The best part of the day was when I was finished and reparked next to the mailboxes and saw this. A luna moth. I didn't know they could be found here since I'd never seen one before. Isn't it pretty? I only had my cell phone cam but the pic came out ok, right?

The painter in me was wishing it had chosen to stick to a more contrasting color but it's probably dead so I shouldn't criticize.....

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

One Weak Vacation

I've been extremely anxious lately, a good friend of mine suggested that I take a "mental vacation." The rules were: no phone calls longer than 2 minutes, no computer, no emailing, no watching the news longer than a few minutes, no disturbing tv, no worrying about other people(except Peanut), plenty of time taking care of yourself, comfort foods, favorite books and music, ice cream and sunshine. So I tried it. And I think it worked a little. Only now I feel bad that I didn't leave any notice, especially since I received some emails asking if I was ok. Sorry ya'll, I should have said something. I didn't think anyone would notice and by the time I thought of it, I would have been breaking the rules:O) I really had no choice, I was getting physically ill and just plain weak.

So here's what I learned:

A)I can ignore the phone and the person(s) with a problem on the other end will not 1.die, 2.hate me. Or if they do decide to hate me because I need a break from the phone I can 1.not care and 2. still live. Same applies to email. Anyone who would not understand this does not truly love me and why would I want someone like that in my life anyway? Right.

B)I am not responsible for anyone's actions/decisions but my own. I cannot change people nor do I want to. I don't need to be the 'rescuer' or the 'peacemaker' or the 'advocate' all the time. To even try would be impossible.

C)I've should not allow myself to have impossible expectations because those expectations were dependent upon the willingness of others to try and to help themselves.

D)My grandmother would have been proud of me no matter what.

E)I love my husband and my dog. They are the only ones in my life who love nothing more than for me to just be. They are the only ones in my life who don't always want or need something from me. If I want to sit all day and eat pecans and watch Dr.Phil, they are happy for me. Ok I didn't have to take a mental vacation just to learn that but it reminded me of how grateful I am for our little minifamily.