Saturday, September 30, 2006

Time for something other than f-ing depressing cancer stories

Look what I found--sorry to whoever found it first but I still don't know how to link yet but I'll figure out how then try again later.....


PS I feel like crap today... in case you really did want to continue feeling sorry for me.

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Feeling a little bettter

I've been home now for two weeks. Everyday I feel a little stronger. My neck is healing slowly but nicely and I can tell there won't be too bad of a scar but it's still a little sore and my throat still hurts and especially to talk. I also haven't gotten my voice back all the way. Maybe it will come back in the next few weeks or maybe not but I'm hopeful. I have been able to walk around a lot more and take Peanut for some short walks here and there. Tomorow I begin the radio-iodine process so keep me in your thoughts. It should only last just this week unless they find more cells but my doctor is optimistic that I'll only need just this one treatment. After that I'll have to take thyroid hormone for the rest of my life which is fine since I was taking it everyday before all this happenned. I can tell that my thyroid hormone levels are super low because even though I'm still recovering, I feel tired all the time, my face is always a little swollen, my eyes a little puffy, my skin dull and dry, and my metabolism is slow-slow-slow. I'm sure I've gained some weight which I probably needed anyway because I lost a lot of weight just from being in the hospital and barely eating much for all that time. But I'm not too concerend about the weight gain right now. I might get real concerned if it still continues after I start the thyroid hormones again-because I refuse to be one of those people who just lets myself go and then blames it on thyroid problems. I'm not afraid of excersize, in fact, I truly believe that the fact that I was in such good shape before all this happenned kept me from having an even worse experience than I did(if that is even possible). So if I end up gaining 10-15 pounds, I can take that off by the the holidays- no problem. But I don't eat like a glutton anyway and excersize is naturally a big part of my life so I'll worry about that later.

Peanut's surgery also went smoothly so far although they did find another problem that hopefully can be healed with steroids and strong antibiotics. I can already tell that the steroids have improved his athletic ability because last night he did a triple jump move right over me as I was sleeping--scared the shit out of me but he had perfect form!

No pictures today because I'm too lazy.

Sunday, September 17, 2006

What the H-!!

Yes I am still alive my peeps....I will not go into the details right now but just you believe me buster it was not an easy week for moi. There were all kinds of complications and difficulties. But I'm back--I'm getting stronger day by day. But don't be finished feeling sorry for me because I'm not finished with my suffering. Here are some pix that my Mr.Pea took while I was in the hosssspittal just in case you were about to forget that you felt sorry for me to renew your pity:

This was right after the surgery. It was suppossed to take 2 hours but ended up taking 7! My doctor told me he had a hell of a time getting that MF out! It was a monster cancerous thyroid that decided to engulf that entire area and grow around all my breathing and voice parrrts.

I wasn't feeling very happy here.....

Here I am the morning after-as you can tell I look swollen. But not bad for someone who felt like they'd been stabbed in the neck then dragged around on a rope by a bus.

That night-I was able to talk but not very well. I ate alot of ICE that day and still needed extra oxygen. My chest was heavy and swollen. I have to admit I was feeling a little bitchy....well wouldn't you?

Day two in the hospital-I had sort of psychotic episode that morning....they gave me some Xanax and here is the result. If you had to sleep in that torture device they call a bed only to get a half hour of sleep per night, have your already painful IV stepped on, wake up in the middle of the night naseous and with chest pain and difficulty breathing only to have the nurses disbelieve you and leave the room then spend the next 20 minutes throwing up so that they finally beleive you, been given pain meds that makes you itchy all over, have an idiot nurse's aid take your blood pressure on the same arm as your painful IV and hold the thermomter 10 inches from your mouth then complain that she can't get a temperature reading because she's too f-lazy to do it right so you have to strain your SWOLLEN HURTING NECK to take your temperature-you would have a psychotic episode as well. I sat in the recliner in my room propped up with pillows and slept way better than in the 14,00 dollar bed they charge 15,000 dollars a night to lay in.

Luckily I got to go home that night or else I might have stabbed someone.
I'm getting better and looking forward to getting back to life. I'll keep ya'll updated on the rest!

PS Poor Peanut needs surgery again......