Thursday, June 29, 2006

You've probably figured out

I still don't know my right and left-I noticed this morning that on yesterday's post that I pointed myself out to be in the right corner. I laughed at myself and changed it quickly. I have to be honest and say that, for me, this mistake is not rare. I failed my driver license exam because my examiner told me to turn left and I turned right, then told me turn right and I turned left. I also get lost sometimes going to the ladies room if someone says, "it's down the hall and two doors on the right." It's been like that since kindergarten-I won't blame it on my teacher, EVEN THOUGH she was very frightening and not at all nice. (But we'll discuss her later) OK so I admit it! Hello, my name is MsLittlePea and I don't always know my right and left. SO WHAT? That doesn't make me in idiot.....doesn't everyone have some kind of nervous forgetfulness over certain things? Are you thinking, no, you're just an idiot. Well let me tell you, honey, I bet I know a lot of things you don't know! Do you know what endoplasmic reticulum is? A mitochondria? You have both in your body you know-probably millions of them, look it up. Can you find your fibula? You have those too. Do you know about the XZY affair? An important event in American history. Can you figure out a few simple genetics ratios? Can you discuss the differences and similarities in Greek and Roman mythology and their contribution to modern literature(and science)? Can you discuss a few theories of quantam physics(example: string theory)? Who is the actual "Weeping Woman" in Picasso's painting? What is the difference between surealism and impressionism? Why did Van Gogh cut off his ear? It wasn't because of a woman and that's what they told us at school. Can you discuss Freud's theories other than penis envy and Oedipus complex and by the way do you know who Oedipus was? You probably do, so name his wife and his children-I'll give you a hint they are fiction; a high school required reading, as most of these questions are high school questions but most people forget by the time they graduate. Just the same as I forgot my right and left after kindergarten...........but I remembered all the answers above and probably a thousand more, so don't laugh at me.:o)

PS If you knew the answers to most of my questions consider yourself a big genius like me only you remember your right and left. And anyway I knew a girl who could write with both hands so she always forgot her right and left too. She has a Doctorate in Biochemistry.

And by the way, Peanut likes me just the way I am......

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday to my big brother! This was taken at the farm in 1978 on your 11th birthday. Hope you get more than just socks and underwear this year.....

(that's me in the right hand corner by the way you guys)

Monday, June 26, 2006

I am Queen of the Universe

This is my castle.......just thought ya'll should know.
That's all I have time for today.

Just in case you couldn't find him.....

Saturday, June 24, 2006

Remember those picture books in early elemetary?

The ones where you had to find the hidden objects? Look for the little varmint we made friends with one day at the beach last year.

Vive Quebec!!

Ya'll know I loves loves loves Quebec and the Quebecois(you know one in particular-heehee). I happenned to be visiting a couple years ago during the Fete Nationale and we had fun. I still have a little flag sticker some little girls gave me as I passed by them with Mr.Peanut. They were writing "Vive Quebec Libre!!" on the side walk with chalk. This picture reminded me of them. So Happy St.Jean Baptiste Day Quebec!!!!

Friday, June 23, 2006

Today is take your pets to work day

Meet Mr.Peanut.
Born: Dec.11, 1997 on a pig farm in Slidell, Louisiana

Parents: ZsaZsa and Toro

Adopted: Feb.14, 1998

Status: Single, Neutered

Occupation: Lizard and Roach Hunter

Hobbies: Sleeping, Begging, Stealing food, Digging, Catching lizards and bugs

Likes: Kisses, Cookies, stealing, stealing cookies, filet mignon and chicken drumstix(minus bone of course), escaping from the front door, being chased, biting hands from under a blanket, making friends, sunbathing, belly rubs, being "first" , walking on people's sleeping heads, posing for pictures/posing in general, laying on warm laundry, fireplaces, McDonald's cheeseburgers, expensive blankets, wearing sweaters, humping people's legs, car rides, highjumping, rolling in grass, rolling in mud, smelly things, taking up all the space on every piece of furniture in "his" house, wearing scarves, ice cream

Dislikes: Behaving, thunder, firecrackers, loud noises, not being allowed to go off leash, airplane trips, "staying", "sitting", "heeling", motorcycles, taking baths, the Hawaiian rabies quarantine station(he was jailed there for 4 months-all pets were required-he does NOT have rabies mind you), wearing doggie snowboots, vacuums, wearing hats, bees, bee stings, yappy dogs, skim milk

Personality Traits: Fearless(except in case of thunderstorm), Friendly, Escape artist, Theif, Hard Worker, Relentless Hunter, Gets along with others, however will not put up with bullies

Favorite toy: Disgusting stuffed purple cat(also serves as temporary "girlfriend")

Peanut is also a philanthropist. He has donated to the Noah's Wish Foundation and to the Humane Society. He comes from a long line of full bred champions yet is not pretentious about it in the least. His favorite friends include: Mittens(a cat--yessss, he is friends with a cat), Lady, Wiggles, Madeline, Doodles, Sara. He is a good boy at the doctor's office. He also enjoys huffing and can crawl on his belly. He doesn't perform tricks as he thinks performing tricks are for pansies. He does NOT like being dressed up in ridiculous outfits, only practical sweaters in conservative colors but occasionally likes wearing Chiquita Banana stickers on his forehead. He is also a world traveler with traveling certificates. He is also a celebrity in Northern Quebec where he was featured in a hard hitting newspaper article(to be posted at another time).

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Who the hell are these people?!

Typical 8th graders in 1990. From left to right: this first girl, M was the craziest girl I've ever met in my life- she had a crush on a boy named John and used to scream really loud when she was mad-she also crashed a moped that summer and had two bikes stolen from her house(the bikes belonged to the third girl) she enjoyed swearing and talking on the phone-she used to ride her bike in the middle of the night to our house if we got bored and told her to come over. Second is me-I had to go to summer school that year because I was lazy and failed math-I also got caught with cigarettes and used to sneak out my window to jump on my best friend's trampoline because my parents were strict and hardly let me out of the house, I also got grounded from talking on the phone for a whole month and thought my life was over when we got caught trying to sneak back in from the window-I had a crush on a boy named Gary that summer. Third is Mouse-her boyfriend was Jason and she liked Janet Jackson and LLCoolJ-she liked chewing gum, sneaking cigarettes and making fun of her sister. Last but not least my best friend, W, she had a crush on Rodney and she was the one I got caught with sneaking out and smoking cigarettes with( I was jealous that she only got grounded from the phone for one week and me a whole f-month..not fair), we also got in trouble in the sixth grade for throwing candy at people on the bus(we were also FALSLY accused of ripping the bus seat and our accuser-who I have pictures of by the way and I plan on posting them-was totally lying). Our favorite shows were 90210, Yo MTV Raps, House of Style. Sadly, she's the only one I still communicate with even though we all wrote BFF on all the notes we wrote each other at school. NeeNee, my sister, must have taken this picture because for some reason we are all in her room.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Anybody got a problem with these two?

I didn't think so. Posted by Picasa

I don't have a digital camera ya'll

So you guys better not make fun of the bad quality of the pix I put up until I get one! My birthday is next month and I'm planning to get one then. In the mean time I have whole bunch of embarrassing and funny pictures from when we were all little and I have my camera phone that takes pretty bad pictures but good enough for now. So enjoy this old one of guys it took me like a half hour just to get this one up because I kept screwing it up and couldn't figure out how. I got a little pissed off. Plus I was fooling around with the picassa thingy I have that enhances and changes the image. Otherwise I would have put up some more but like I said this is all new to me and I'm still learning how to do all this stuff.

Wednesday, June 14, 2006


My first post ya'll! I finally got a name for my blog and this is my first post! Yippity! Yippitee doo! Have some patience with me it's going to take me a while to get going and figure out all this stuff. In the year 2006 I still haven't really figured out all that tech language and I feel like I need a durn manual. It took me at least a half hour just to figure out how to write this f- paragragh. Feel free to send me any ideas or pictures.

Disclaimer to the "adults" in my life-please excuse my bad grammar and sailor language but just so you know, the bad grammar is on purpose;the sailor language can't be helped that's just the way I talk. ( I don't even think it's that bad.)

PS ya'll: If I win the lottery tonight....I'm not sure if I'll ever post anything EVER so don't get too attached.