Wednesday, December 27, 2006

New do

Sort of.

I spent most of the day at the "arm and leg" salon with foil on my head. It was a much needed visit because I had some highlights done months ago and I wasn't able to touch up my roots until after the radioiodine was I was lazy. I should probably feel guilty about paying a fortune for hair but I only go a couple times a year and I really needed it. My hair was looking two-toned; brassy on the ends and deep brown on the top. It's sort of noticeable in this pic

I was pretty much trying to do the whole pouty supermodel thing here...unsuccessful. I think I'll leave that dream behind.

I gave my stylist a free hand-she said she wanted to give me a "honey golden glow", whatever the hell that is-but it came out ok. Alot brighter than I'm used to-I like my hair dark but after feeling so crappy for so long, it's a nice change.

Mr.Pea liked it. That's him with Peanut behind me.

*Just a few minutes ago-while I was downloading these pictures, my husband said to me,"why don't you start kissing your mirror?" Hmmph! I am not in love with myself! This is coming from someone who spends more time on his own wild curly hair than me!!!!

OH! My 91pound older sister(Neenee-that really is a real nicname I gave her when we were little) told me last night she wanted to weigh 86 pounds-I said, "are you crazy?" She said, "Nicole Richie probably weighs about the same." I said,"yah, and she looks like a damn corpse!" She said,"But I want to be able to wear pretty miniskirts and tank tops like you did this summer." I said," Did you think I looked cute in them?" She said,"yes." I said,"Oh really? Did you want a figure like mine was?" She said,"yes!" I said," oh ok good- I weighed 108 pounds- so start eating then!" I think that conversation went pretty well. A healthy woman is always more beautiful than someone who is skinny just for the sake of being skinny!!

Friday, December 22, 2006

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

A Boyfriend for Neenee?


As promised here is the picture of the idiot who thinks sending naked pictures of himself is the way to a girl's heart.

Hey Romeo! Let me give you a little tip-my sister doesn't want you ok? She might be too polite to say it frankly-but FRRRANKLY(and luckily)-I'm not. And sending her this picture thoroughly grossed us out. I'm sure you're really proud of yourself to have actually taken the time to pose and primp for her and maybe this sort of behavior works with the kind of women you're used to but you're not her type. What is her type? Well number 1-not you. Number 2-the opposite of you. Number 3-men who don't send pictures of themselves thinking the recipient will be too filled with desire to be grossed out by the fact that a total stranger just sent her a creepy naked photo. You know, really, we feel sorry for you-because you're delusional-we can tell that you're really impressed with yourself-it's obvious you take care of yourself-but maybe no one has put you in your place before or rejected you. And guess what, Mr.Ienjoysendingnakedpicturesofmyself. You're not as hot as ya think and by the way the disco era is over-crazy cool medallions should be put away or reserved only for gangsta rappers.......I'm sure I haven't hurt your feelings and that you'll go on with your life thinking you're hot-hot-hot, but I just thought you should know. For future reference: a simple,"hi how are you, would you like to join me for lunch?" is usually the best way to go if you want to date an actual person with a working brain.

Monday, December 18, 2006

My new top

It's the little things in life that can make my day dammit! Last month I bought two pairs of 'ked' type shoes. You know the shi-shi-foo-foo super expensive type of little walking shoes that those women who wear those track suits with "juicy" on the butt buy? I got them for $6.99 each! I spent the rest of the day feeling like I won the damn lottery. Today I had another moment...I bought this tank top:

for $12.99 marked down from 60 f- dollars!!heehee! Although I have to say I hate shopping this time of year I usually hide from the stores until Feb....but I have to find something to wear to Mr.Pea's office holiday dinner. This isn't appropriate enough(don't you hate that word?)-I still have to find something.

Yesterday was nice enough to eat lunch outside

Hey look at my neck-no more mutant alien cancer bump! One of these days I'll have to post some before/after pix of my neck. It was really bad. I don't even care about the scar, I'm just glad to have normal neck again.

OH!OH!OH! I got some juicy funny gossip from Neenee!!!!! Some genius friend of hers gave this real sleazeball idiot guy my sister's cell number and he decided the best way to ask MY SISTER out was to send a naked picture of himself and then txt her again saying, "so when are we going out?" Um, how about NEVER! What a Romeo. Should I be cruel and post his picture???? I can! I can! Because she sent it to me just in case anyone thought I was making it up..... I will tomorow. It's decided. So stay tuned for the picture of Mr. Romance tomorow.

PS My plans for a digital camera are still on hold. That's why these pix are so bad. Oh and also-I wasn't making fun of those "juicy" on the butt pants I promise that was just the only way I could think of to describe my new shoes.

Thursday, December 14, 2006

War!!!--HUUH! (good gawd ya'll)

What is is goooood for? absolutely nuttin....say it againnnnnn

I just figured out how to post videos. Enjoy.

*I s'pose I should disclose that these are not my cats-but ya probably already knew that. Don't make fun of how tech-unadvanced I am. I'm doing my best here dammit! By the way dontcha just love the stubby tail?

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

This blog has no identity

I was just told this morning that my blog has no identity. Whatever that means..... hhmph, like I care. I just figured out how to link so I will start having some more fun posts soon. I know I keep saying that but dammit be patient with me. Do I need to keep cashing in my cancer sympathy card or what? yes

It's a slow week-a lazy week. I went to a follow up appointment with my surgeon yesterday. Everything seems to still be in working order. My scar has healed well except for one small tender spot that we need to keep an eye on. I asked about my voice-yes, I know everyone keeps telling me that my voice is back to normal. But not for me. It may sound the same but it takes a huge effort on my part and I get winded after just a couple sentences. He said it will take a long time for me but not to worry. At least I don't sound like a man! I did mention to him that I rather enjoy having any excuse to cash in my cancer card-as in,"well,I'm sorry I won't be able to volunteer for that but, you know, I'm still convalescing and all."(also see above) He showed me a meek and humble, helpless face to use and said I should fold my hands. I'll have to practice some more but I think I have it down. I'm not sure how long I'll be able to use that but it suits me for now. My surgeon is a wise man....

On a happy note, Christmas is getting closer and closer! I wish this little junior here with Santa did not grow up into a 17 year old man.... oh well.

My sisters need to have some more kids.

Friday, December 08, 2006

A Boyfriend for Neenee

My sister, Neenee, is going to be single again soon. She gave me permission to tell EVERYTHING about her soon-to-be-ex, and I have pictures too dammit!!!....however I've decided not to---hmph, for now. But, I have decided that I should be in charge of finding her a new boyfriend. She said I could as long as choice number one was :

Mr.George Clooney

Why he should be her future boyfriend:
1. He has salt and pepper hair-she likes that
2. He owns a lake home-she lives in one too
3. It would totally irritate her soon-to-be ex---we like that

Why he should not be her future boyfriend:
1. He drives this and it would mess up her hair-she doesn't like those
2. She told me just the other day,"I don't 'do' lakes, I like the sea."
3. Um, actually those are the only 2 reasons we could think of

Just in case though, we'll keep looking.

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Our Fake Fir

I wasn't sure if I had the energy to 'do' a Christmas tree this year. I've been so lazy about the whole thing the past couple years because Christmas would arrive barely a month after we had just relocated-I would keep telling myself, 'I'll do it next year, I'll do it next year...' . I asked my mother a couple weeks ago if she had any spare mini-trees that I could put up on our table. She came over the other day with a 5' fake one that she found at the flea market-YAY! We've never had a fake tree before but it's been so long since we had a tree at all, I was happy to have it. I put up the lights and ribbons by myself and Mr.Pea helped me with the ornaments I made out of seashells, Elmer's glue, and some glitter. The ornaments and sea star for the top are SO old and have been shipped from town to town with us and ,frankly, look a little more raggedy every year but I refuse to give up on them!! Having a fake tree does have some advantages too. Peanut has no interest in trying to pee on, sniff at, bark at, bite, or check for bugs on it so that's good! I miss the smell of pine but last year I hung up one of those cinnamon brooms over the fire place and the scent was enough to make the home feel Holiday-ish. I do get that cynical feeling every year about the Holidays being an excuse for the whole consume, consume, consume obsession and those syrupy commercials that try to make you feel like crap if you're not buying all kinds of ridiculous gifts. But today I don't, I'm happy about my little tree.

Monday, December 04, 2006

A pet for our pet

Mr.Pea and I had a conversation the other day that illustrates how much we love our dog. We were actually thinking about getting another dog because Peanut(and I'm quoting verbatim)"wants a friend". As if we asked him or something! This is not a new conversation, we've been having it for years now. OK, I'm not going to get into a debate with the,'he's just a dog' people(don't even start that kind of filthy talk with me!). We don't dress him in funny little outfits or have those creepy wedding ceremonies or birthday parties. But he is a valuable member of our little family and we want him to be healthy and happy. The amount of money we've spent on his health and happiness may seem shocking and the fact that we include his name on our Christmas card may seem ridiculous,but not to us. We love him and we're not the least bit ashamed about it!! Why, just two days ago we took him to the vet for a follow up treatment to his surgery two months ago(around the same time as mine). It was pure torture for me to hear his squealing-he's usually a good boy at the doctor but he's an old man now with old man problems(I'll spare ya'll the details but use your imagination). Feeling guilty about his being 'violated', we went to the store and bought him a new fluffy bed and toy. I even took pictures of him 'being happy' about his new bed(one of many he has about 5 different sleeping/hiding areas throughout our home). This was when the comments were made. By myself or by Mr.Pea, I don't remember but it was a mutual thought. One of us said,"Look at poor Peanut, he's turning into an old man, I bet he'd love a little friend to play with." One of us said,"It would make him feel young again!" One of us said,"Oh another dog in the house, wouldn't he be so happy!" I definitely said,"I can't possibly even think about potty training a pup right now. We should get an older dog-I think rescue pets make the best ones!" Then one of us said, "Wait a minute, we are actually discussing getting a pet for our dog!"
Only a dog-lover could understand....This doesn't mean we came to a conclusion, it's still an option just not right now.