Friday, December 08, 2006

A Boyfriend for Neenee

My sister, Neenee, is going to be single again soon. She gave me permission to tell EVERYTHING about her soon-to-be-ex, and I have pictures too dammit!!!....however I've decided not to---hmph, for now. But, I have decided that I should be in charge of finding her a new boyfriend. She said I could as long as choice number one was :

Mr.George Clooney

Why he should be her future boyfriend:
1. He has salt and pepper hair-she likes that
2. He owns a lake home-she lives in one too
3. It would totally irritate her soon-to-be ex---we like that

Why he should not be her future boyfriend:
1. He drives this and it would mess up her hair-she doesn't like those
2. She told me just the other day,"I don't 'do' lakes, I like the sea."
3. Um, actually those are the only 2 reasons we could think of

Just in case though, we'll keep looking.

1 comment:

Madge said...

He gets my vote!