Wednesday, December 27, 2006

New do

Sort of.

I spent most of the day at the "arm and leg" salon with foil on my head. It was a much needed visit because I had some highlights done months ago and I wasn't able to touch up my roots until after the radioiodine was I was lazy. I should probably feel guilty about paying a fortune for hair but I only go a couple times a year and I really needed it. My hair was looking two-toned; brassy on the ends and deep brown on the top. It's sort of noticeable in this pic

I was pretty much trying to do the whole pouty supermodel thing here...unsuccessful. I think I'll leave that dream behind.

I gave my stylist a free hand-she said she wanted to give me a "honey golden glow", whatever the hell that is-but it came out ok. Alot brighter than I'm used to-I like my hair dark but after feeling so crappy for so long, it's a nice change.

Mr.Pea liked it. That's him with Peanut behind me.

*Just a few minutes ago-while I was downloading these pictures, my husband said to me,"why don't you start kissing your mirror?" Hmmph! I am not in love with myself! This is coming from someone who spends more time on his own wild curly hair than me!!!!

OH! My 91pound older sister(Neenee-that really is a real nicname I gave her when we were little) told me last night she wanted to weigh 86 pounds-I said, "are you crazy?" She said, "Nicole Richie probably weighs about the same." I said,"yah, and she looks like a damn corpse!" She said,"But I want to be able to wear pretty miniskirts and tank tops like you did this summer." I said," Did you think I looked cute in them?" She said,"yes." I said,"Oh really? Did you want a figure like mine was?" She said,"yes!" I said," oh ok good- I weighed 108 pounds- so start eating then!" I think that conversation went pretty well. A healthy woman is always more beautiful than someone who is skinny just for the sake of being skinny!!


dmmgmfm said...

I love your hair. It looks great and after all you've been through lately, you deserve to be doted on.

Happy New Year.

Courtney said...

It always feels good to pamper yourself, doesn't it?

This is a good reminder that my roots are in need of a touch up, too!

Madge said...

You're so cute!