Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Happy Holidays Internets!

Merry Christmas

(I took this in St. Augustine last month.)

Friday, December 21, 2007

Gingerale is the elixir of life

That's all I felt like saying today....

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

It's Offiicial

As of 8am this morning, I am radioactive. I haven't experienced any special powers but I did manage to stare someone down in a parking lot. yes!

This only lasts a few days so any special powers would be temporary.....but so far, none. Dammit.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Ok be honest

Am I a total dork because I'm happy about this? Well why the hell wouldn't I be since I read that book for the first time a few years ago while spending the summer in beautiful Quebec and loved it?(both Quebec and the book that is) Being in Northern, untouched Canada was like living inside the book. Plus I am hobbit sized (except for the big, hairy feet) so it's all stuff I can relate to.

After I finished that book I decided to read the others not knowing that the movies were being filmed. A couple months after I finished the last one, I heard about the movies so it was like double happiness. Yes my friends, I came late into the game on those books but better late than never. Oh joy. I am such a dork, but ask me if I care.

BTW, my second Thyrogen injection was this morning at the ass crack of dawn and it went well. So now both sides of my bum hurt a little but I'm feeling ok. I'm tired and have a little nausea here and there but I have ginger ale and mint tea(with honey) to keep it at bay. I feel better than yesterday that's for sure. Tomorrow is my radioactive iodine pill and if I feel ok I'm going to look for shark teeth on Thursday. HEEHEEHEE

Monday, December 17, 2007

On a lighter note-No pun intended

I still have some room on my ipod. I need some song/artist suggestions, I like everything. So come on, help a girl out and hit me up with some of your favorites......even if you have to de-lurk, I don't bite ya know.

One down, one to go

(Anyone sick of hearing about my health stuff, go ahead and skip today's post. I promise it won't hurt my feelings because frankly, I'm sick of the topic myself. But I can't find my journal and I HAVE to write this all down or I'll go crazy. And we don't want that do we?)

I got my first thyrogen injection today. It wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be. But it did hurt, trust me. I've never met anyone who liked needles so I know I'm not alone in that feeling. But it was just a minute of discomfort and the no-nonsense nurse didn't give me enough time freak out. I have one more injection tomorow, a radio iodine pill on Wednesday and a complete body scan on Friday. Assuming the results are good I don't expect to have any big radiation pills and can just go along my merry way until next year. (I'm still not allowed to have any babies until my doctor says it's ok, but that's ok with me for now) I prepared to not do anything today and tomorrow in case I had any weird side effects but so far so good. I do have a little anxiety. I had to do this because it's been over a year since my radiation and it was time to see if there were any leftover cancer cells that the radiation didn't kill or recurrence. Last year I had to go off my med for two months before the radio iodine pill and body scan so that my results would be accurate and I was MISERABLE. I was weak, dizzy, achy, emotional, forgetful, not to mention BLOATED all over(especially my face, and I already have chubby cheeks as is it-not that I'm complaining, but you know what I mean). So when my doctor said I could get these injections instead of going off my meds, of course I prefer that. But I read one of the risks is that it can slightly lower the accuracy of the test results. I mean, I trust this doctor above all, I know she would never suggest something that wouldn't work, she's the one who found my cancer in the first place. I even asked her about it and she said not to worry. In the kind of cancer I was diagnosed with recurrence risk is usually pretty low, but(of course) my case was special because of the size of my tumor and how fast it was. I keep asking myself, did I make the right choice? This was a decision I had to make by myself. I have been 'taken care of' all my life. I grew up having everything 'done' for me and then married a husband who spoils me.
My husband and I (especially me) have had a sort of prolonged adolescence just because we've been married for almost 11 years and still don't have any children or big responsibilities. We been able to live where we want and travel some. So we have a great deal of freedom and ease, especially me because I'm not joking, bragging or exaggerating when I say that I'm spoiled.(and I don't even really mean spoiled materially because it's not that way- I just mean that I do have everything I need and for the most part, I don't have any demands placed upon me, something I thank the Lord for every night) This blog is the perfect example of how I live, I pretty much do whatever I feel like doing.
This is not to say that I've never been on my own before, I have and I was fine. It's just that, for me, making decisions about working and being able to pay rent and bills were so small in comparison to the decisions I have had to make on my own about my health. Those kinds of things don't scare me. It's all mechanical- work, pay bills. But stuff like this I can't really control or delegate the decisions to some else I trust.... or just forget about and go to the beach. I'm rambling, but that's what I do when I'm nervous. I'll feel better tomorrow. Actually I feel better already.

Sunday, December 16, 2007


Not the kind you eat with toast and butter though.

Saturday, December 15, 2007


Has this ever happened to you? I did not drink at all last night, so why did I wake up with a hangover?

Friday, December 14, 2007

Sigh of relief (not)

I just got my scary medical procedures appointments that I've been waiting for for over a month now. It all starts Monday and lasts all week and then I don't know what comes after that. I'm not really scared because this is routine but the words,'injections' and 'radioactive' make me a little anxious. Just a little. I'll still be posting. Other than mild nausea, I shouldn't have any other side effects and will be able to just do what I do so I'll still be around....I definitely need to catch up with my visiting over the weekend, I've been slackin' off at the beach all week and I don't feel at all guilty.

I just felt like writing all that down.

oh-And I want to note that it's not really all that scary, I just like to describe it that way. Because I am a big spoiled baby.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Just your random Wednesday

*I wanted to make a tear jerking post about Peanut and his 10th birthday but we decided to go to the beach instead. Anyone who has a pet knows how much I love my now senior citizen dog. Anyone who doesn't would probably find it annoying and overindulgent. So I'll just say he had a good birthday that included him pigging out on a corn muffin and being allowed to roll in some really stinky mud that he was really excited about and leave it at that. He wasn't excited about his bath but what dog is?

*I'm trying to get in as much beach time as possible before the impending doom- I mean move. I'm still not sure where we'll end up and I'll explain it all when it's over and I can talk about it freely(due to our superstitions we always stay mum when we move-silly,no?). Let me just put it this way, my husband and I are not the sort of people who wait around for the sh!t to hit the fan. And when I explain, anyone who watches CNBC will say,"oh, that's why." But rest assured my peeps, I will not/would not be leaving the state of Florida, even under the event of alien invasion. This is my homestate and I plan to die here. Unless of course we were to win the lottery. In that case, I nor Mr.Pea, nor Peanut would be seen or heard from again. There might be a few rumors here and there of us being possibly spotted on a sail boat in the South Pacific. But it doesn't look like that will happen.

*Speaking of beach time, my beach is really private. And when I say private, I mean I can be there for 2 or 3 hours and maybe see only 4 or 5 people pass by. This is because about 70% of the people who own homes on or near this beach don't really live here, they just occasionally vacation here. But what I don't understand is the fact that the 4 or 5 people I see are always on the damn phone. Why in hell anyone who visits this hidden priceless treasure would spend their time yapping away about 'who wore red to the white party' is beyond me. I bring my phone and keep it in my back pocket only out of fear of kidnappers and serial killers but at no point during my visit would I ever rather listen to anything anyone on the other end of that phone would have to say more than the sound of the Atlantic Ocean, wind and screaming birds. But maybe that's just me. :O)

Monday, December 10, 2007

Sick in the head...

I'm fighting off the tail end of a strange head cold. I've been stuck inside in my pajamas all day while the sun is shining and it's warm enough to keep our windows open. There's a fresh breeze from the sea. I wanted to do something outdoorsy so badly. I'm glad I rested today though because I do feel so much better. I have a couple memes I was supposed to do but I'm too lazy right now.

Tomorrow is my Peanut's birthday. He'll be 10.

Friday, December 07, 2007

Snow under the palms

Last night after dinner we went to the crack dealer- I mean Starbucks! and they had a snow machine. Silly gimmick? Worked for me. The last time I saw snow in Florida was when I was 16. I was with some friends at a boyfriend's house and suddenly someone yelled, "Omigosh it's snowing outside ya'll!" It was like a spaceship had just landed or something, we all went crazy and ran outside. We were dancing, laughing ,and jumping up and down all because of a little bit of snow that didn't even 'stick'. I guess that's what it's like when it snows in Florida and you're a giddy 16 year old.

A couple years ago I spent a winter in Canada and the "magical" feeling this Floridian felt for snow wore off after about 5 minutes. Still though, it was a beautiful moment.....

(I realise the poor quality of the pic, I had it on a day setting and Mr.Pea is not used to my camera)

Thursday, December 06, 2007

As if I would ever argue with that!

Yesterday at my doctor appointment, my doctor said something to me that was music to my ears. She said," Those antibodies we were watching are down to 29 and that's good. But we want them to go down just a little more to 23 so we're going to keep you at the high dose of Synthroid for a little while longer. Your bloodwork shows you're a little on the hyper side which is, as planned, so your metabolism is very fast right now and I don't want you to lose any more weight. So make sure you're eating alot."

I love you Dr.

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

We're very scientific

D and I have all sorts of serious, science discussions. Don't worry about not being to follow along with our big words, scientific jargon and such......

Me: Hey, I'm on my balcony can you hear that?

D: Hear what?

Me: That bird crying,"Heeerrrah!! Heeeerrrah! Heeeeerrrah!,".....or is she saying "kiiiilllah! Kiiillah!." She's a gangsta.

D: heehee Oh what kind is it?

Me: Well that's why I'm calling you. To ask if you knew.

D: Is she big?

Me: Not as big as our osprey, but kind of big. Cute yellow feet. And she doesn't have pants on.

(I wasn't talking about any osprey in particular, every osprey is our osprey)

D: No feathers on the legs?

Me: That's what I said, no pants. But she sort of does. Fluffy feathers on the upper legs. Ok a tutu. She's fancy like that.

D: What color?

Me: Reddish orangey and brown. Kinda burnt-lookin'. Pretty stripes. Healthy. White specks and the wings. She looks like that top you wore the other day.

D: Scary eyes?

Me: Well, yeah. Not mean eyed though. But you definitely don't want to f- with her, that's for sure.

D: Well I don't know. Could be a couple different hawks, I can't say.....Too bad I divorced B because he would know.

Me: Damn. So we can't call him then?

D: Nope. We need to get a book! Are you sure there's no pants?

Me: No...but like a tutu though. Damn if I can't figure out the name of that bird.

D: How 'bout Francis?

(By the way I didn't take this pic, I got it from Wikipedia where I looked it up. )

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Found these yesterday

This makes up for all the shark teeth I LOATHE to admit I could not find at the nature reserve over the weekend.

Sunday, December 02, 2007