Wednesday, December 05, 2007

We're very scientific

D and I have all sorts of serious, science discussions. Don't worry about not being to follow along with our big words, scientific jargon and such......

Me: Hey, I'm on my balcony can you hear that?

D: Hear what?

Me: That bird crying,"Heeerrrah!! Heeeerrrah! Heeeeerrrah!,".....or is she saying "kiiiilllah! Kiiillah!." She's a gangsta.

D: heehee Oh what kind is it?

Me: Well that's why I'm calling you. To ask if you knew.

D: Is she big?

Me: Not as big as our osprey, but kind of big. Cute yellow feet. And she doesn't have pants on.

(I wasn't talking about any osprey in particular, every osprey is our osprey)

D: No feathers on the legs?

Me: That's what I said, no pants. But she sort of does. Fluffy feathers on the upper legs. Ok a tutu. She's fancy like that.

D: What color?

Me: Reddish orangey and brown. Kinda burnt-lookin'. Pretty stripes. Healthy. White specks and the wings. She looks like that top you wore the other day.

D: Scary eyes?

Me: Well, yeah. Not mean eyed though. But you definitely don't want to f- with her, that's for sure.

D: Well I don't know. Could be a couple different hawks, I can't say.....Too bad I divorced B because he would know.

Me: Damn. So we can't call him then?

D: Nope. We need to get a book! Are you sure there's no pants?

Me: No...but like a tutu though. Damn if I can't figure out the name of that bird.

D: How 'bout Francis?

(By the way I didn't take this pic, I got it from Wikipedia where I looked it up. )


super des said...

ha ha ha
Very descriptive. I love it.
So, what kind of bird was it?

MsLittlePea said...

Oh I forgot to note that. It's a Red-Shouldered Hawk.

seventh sister said...

I love hawks. They are messengers, you know.

Mariposa said...

I just love your conversation and how your describe things...and I was about to say, how niec of you to get a picture of the bird, 'til I reached the

I know it's a hawk but only bec I see the pic... ;)

flutter said...

what about Burt?