Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Ok be honest

Am I a total dork because I'm happy about this? Well why the hell wouldn't I be since I read that book for the first time a few years ago while spending the summer in beautiful Quebec and loved it?(both Quebec and the book that is) Being in Northern, untouched Canada was like living inside the book. Plus I am hobbit sized (except for the big, hairy feet) so it's all stuff I can relate to.

After I finished that book I decided to read the others not knowing that the movies were being filmed. A couple months after I finished the last one, I heard about the movies so it was like double happiness. Yes my friends, I came late into the game on those books but better late than never. Oh joy. I am such a dork, but ask me if I care.

BTW, my second Thyrogen injection was this morning at the ass crack of dawn and it went well. So now both sides of my bum hurt a little but I'm feeling ok. I'm tired and have a little nausea here and there but I have ginger ale and mint tea(with honey) to keep it at bay. I feel better than yesterday that's for sure. Tomorrow is my radioactive iodine pill and if I feel ok I'm going to look for shark teeth on Thursday. HEEHEEHEE


Mariposa said...

That's the spirit...and what a spirit! Send me one of those shark's teeth...lol

You are not a dork...I love both the book and the movie as well...and would love to have anything related to it available for viewing soon.

flutter said...

Yes, yes you are a dork but a totally cute one and one that I enjoy :)

Whiskeymarie said...

My Mr. is very excited about this movie being made as well. I still have yet to see numbers two and three of the Lord of the Rings series.

Glad you're feeling better, sweets.