Wednesday, July 26, 2006

My car needs service today

My air conditioner is broken ya'll. I used all my womanly charms and got this guy to fix it for me.

Any ladies out there need an oil change? He works for free if you flirt and giggle.

Friday, July 21, 2006

Happy Birthday to me....

Today is my Happy Birthday. I'm 30. Turning 20 was a big thing for me and I was happy because it meant I could finally be an ADULT. Because no matter how mature you are at 19, you're still a TEENAGER. Last year when I turned 29 I felt this strange anxiety because I knew it was the beginning of my last year in my 20s. So for a couple months before today I started to feel a little anxious about turning 30. Not because I think 30 is old because I really don't. I thought I could just lie about my age like everyone else does and say that I'm 24. Then a few weeks ago I came to this realization: Why should I lie about my age? That's pathetic. That would be like saying I'm ashamed of the truth about myself. 30 years old? I think I'm doing all right...I take care of myself, I take care of my body, I still look ok...I think I'm doing just fine. A picture of me at 20 and a picture of me today-you probably wouldn't be able to tell the difference. Only today I'm a hell of a lot smarter than I was. A hell of a lot nicer than I was. More considerate, more polite. More comfortable with myself. More relaxed and confident. Less worried about what other people think. I'm not going to get into a brag fest but I'm proud of myself and my life and since it's my Happy Birthday I don't feel the least bit bad about saying it.
We spend so much time putting ourselves down and finding the things in ourselves that we dislike because for some twisted reason, it's easier. When we see other people we don't even know we smile at them yet when we look in the mirror at ourselves, we frown because we have too much flesh here or not enough flesh there. So my gift to myself on my 30th birthday is to be happy and proud of myself.

Plus like I told you guys before, Peanut likes me just the way I amand that's a good enough present for me.

Monday, July 17, 2006

Freak out moment and an UNGRATEFUL, bad puppy

Our Mr. Peanut, the fearless hunter, decided to get into a fight with this snake this morning.
I'm almost positive he may have been nipped in the mouth. Of course I freaked out and was trying to get a good look at the damn snake so that I could identify the species because there are, I think, 6 VENOMOUS species found where we live. Thankfully, I searched all over the snake websites for our area and this one is considered harmless. I was and still am freaking out. Why he would do this to me-I don't know. Probably the same reason he enjoys fighting frogs,(one that almost killed him and he never learned his lesson), crabs
The pictures of his lizards and bug victims are just too graphic and shocking-no small animal real or fake is safe from his wrath.
Look at this faceWhere did we go wrong?
We did everything we could for this dog.....

we gave him toys,

we gave him money,

the best food avaliable and all he could eat,

comfortable places to sleep,

including our bed.

We taught him the importance of world peace and flower power

He has his own dog friends,yet,we encouraged him to embrace diversity and make friends with those who are different
He loves Mittens(more about Mittens another time)
We even took him on lavish winter vacations to Canada and bought him warm outfits and boots.

And yet...and yet...he still enjoys stalking, hunting, killing ,and destroying...was it something we did? Did we create a monster? I hope not.......

Friday, July 14, 2006

Why no posts lately?

I've been desperately worried and stressed out over the health and safety of a DEAR, DEAR close friend(you know who you are, MsAnonymous) and it's been draining most of my creative energy. Now that said friend is on the way to recovery(I pray)I can get back to business. In the mean time, my nephew, NeeNee's chub-a-lub 2 month old has a question for ya'll.
Are you ready for his jelly? I doubt it....

Saturday, July 08, 2006

OH Captain! Our Captain!

My poor father-in-law who had been in the durrrn hospital for over a month finally went home the other day. I nicnamed my beau pere(that's french for father-in-law and it literally translates to handsome father-isn't that a cute way to say father-in-law?) Le Captaine and now we all call him that. You know he loves that nicname, even though he's never been one; sometimes you can find a nicname for someone and it's a total match to that person's personality-he's a jolly captain-think Cap'n Crunch, not Captain Ahab-you get the point. We're so happy he's feeling better and back in his own home now. So I dedicate today's post to our captian.
Here's a picture of him dancing with his wife on their 53rd Anniversary. Romantic Frenchman....

Mr.Peanut is always his best friend when we are visiting them because they share a favorite activity together:
Power napping. Notice howPeanut's blanket matches the captain's shirt? That is not a coincidince.

My inlaws love smacking and pinching each other on the derriere(all of us participate). I get my fair share as well and give it right back! Here's our captain getting a derriere smacking from me.

PS It took me forever to get this post up-blogger was so slow uploading my pix that I got impatient and pissed off and would give up to try again later...I have a bad temper what can I say.

Thursday, July 06, 2006

A Couple of Late Happy Birthdays

Sorry you guys I had some trouble with my scanner. So here goes:
Happy Birthday Jr----Are you really 17? Seems like just yesterday.....

You'll always be a baby to do realise that we'll all still be calling you "Little -----" even when you're like 70 don't you?

And as for you:

Happy late Birthday to you too, you little ass kicking ninja you!

(Look into his eyes---you fear him don't you? Just don't piss him off and there won't be a problem)

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

It's the 4th of July ya'll!

Don't forget to watch the launch!

Godspeed Discovery!!!

I've been lazy about posting the past few days but since we celebrate freedom on Independance Day, I don't feel all that guilty. Today, we plan our barbeque-no hot dogs and hamburgers for us(although I love both), we do it all the way with filet mignon, new potatoes, and zuchini at a secret(well sort of secret) beach that I don't tell anyone about. It's sort of become a tradition.

Peanut is feeling better, by the way. Hope everyone had a good weekend and a good holiday today.

Saturday, July 01, 2006

OH Poor Peanut

Yesterday I took Peanut to his doctor for some personal problems he's been having(he would prefer if I didn't specify, I think he's a little embarassed). He had a very invasive exam. Frankly, he felt violated. I tried to help hold him but he freaked out and scratched the sh** out of my chest trying to get away. It was awful and he was in a lot of pain. Don't worry, he got a couple shots and was sent home with some antibiotics so he's on the road to recovery. I was a little traumatized on his behalf, to be honest. But, it wasn't as horrific as the night he decided to experiment with the psychedelics and got in a fight with a cane toad....the kind that releases a DEADLY HALLUCINOGENIC POISON!!!