Monday, July 17, 2006

Freak out moment and an UNGRATEFUL, bad puppy

Our Mr. Peanut, the fearless hunter, decided to get into a fight with this snake this morning.
I'm almost positive he may have been nipped in the mouth. Of course I freaked out and was trying to get a good look at the damn snake so that I could identify the species because there are, I think, 6 VENOMOUS species found where we live. Thankfully, I searched all over the snake websites for our area and this one is considered harmless. I was and still am freaking out. Why he would do this to me-I don't know. Probably the same reason he enjoys fighting frogs,(one that almost killed him and he never learned his lesson), crabs
The pictures of his lizards and bug victims are just too graphic and shocking-no small animal real or fake is safe from his wrath.
Look at this faceWhere did we go wrong?
We did everything we could for this dog.....

we gave him toys,

we gave him money,

the best food avaliable and all he could eat,

comfortable places to sleep,

including our bed.

We taught him the importance of world peace and flower power

He has his own dog friends,yet,we encouraged him to embrace diversity and make friends with those who are different
He loves Mittens(more about Mittens another time)
We even took him on lavish winter vacations to Canada and bought him warm outfits and boots.

And yet...and yet...he still enjoys stalking, hunting, killing ,and destroying...was it something we did? Did we create a monster? I hope not.......

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