Saturday, July 08, 2006

OH Captain! Our Captain!

My poor father-in-law who had been in the durrrn hospital for over a month finally went home the other day. I nicnamed my beau pere(that's french for father-in-law and it literally translates to handsome father-isn't that a cute way to say father-in-law?) Le Captaine and now we all call him that. You know he loves that nicname, even though he's never been one; sometimes you can find a nicname for someone and it's a total match to that person's personality-he's a jolly captain-think Cap'n Crunch, not Captain Ahab-you get the point. We're so happy he's feeling better and back in his own home now. So I dedicate today's post to our captian.
Here's a picture of him dancing with his wife on their 53rd Anniversary. Romantic Frenchman....

Mr.Peanut is always his best friend when we are visiting them because they share a favorite activity together:
Power napping. Notice howPeanut's blanket matches the captain's shirt? That is not a coincidince.

My inlaws love smacking and pinching each other on the derriere(all of us participate). I get my fair share as well and give it right back! Here's our captain getting a derriere smacking from me.

PS It took me forever to get this post up-blogger was so slow uploading my pix that I got impatient and pissed off and would give up to try again later...I have a bad temper what can I say.

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