Monday, December 04, 2006

A pet for our pet

Mr.Pea and I had a conversation the other day that illustrates how much we love our dog. We were actually thinking about getting another dog because Peanut(and I'm quoting verbatim)"wants a friend". As if we asked him or something! This is not a new conversation, we've been having it for years now. OK, I'm not going to get into a debate with the,'he's just a dog' people(don't even start that kind of filthy talk with me!). We don't dress him in funny little outfits or have those creepy wedding ceremonies or birthday parties. But he is a valuable member of our little family and we want him to be healthy and happy. The amount of money we've spent on his health and happiness may seem shocking and the fact that we include his name on our Christmas card may seem ridiculous,but not to us. We love him and we're not the least bit ashamed about it!! Why, just two days ago we took him to the vet for a follow up treatment to his surgery two months ago(around the same time as mine). It was pure torture for me to hear his squealing-he's usually a good boy at the doctor but he's an old man now with old man problems(I'll spare ya'll the details but use your imagination). Feeling guilty about his being 'violated', we went to the store and bought him a new fluffy bed and toy. I even took pictures of him 'being happy' about his new bed(one of many he has about 5 different sleeping/hiding areas throughout our home). This was when the comments were made. By myself or by Mr.Pea, I don't remember but it was a mutual thought. One of us said,"Look at poor Peanut, he's turning into an old man, I bet he'd love a little friend to play with." One of us said,"It would make him feel young again!" One of us said,"Oh another dog in the house, wouldn't he be so happy!" I definitely said,"I can't possibly even think about potty training a pup right now. We should get an older dog-I think rescue pets make the best ones!" Then one of us said, "Wait a minute, we are actually discussing getting a pet for our dog!"
Only a dog-lover could understand....This doesn't mean we came to a conclusion, it's still an option just not right now.

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