Thursday, December 14, 2006

War!!!--HUUH! (good gawd ya'll)

What is is goooood for? absolutely nuttin....say it againnnnnn

I just figured out how to post videos. Enjoy.

*I s'pose I should disclose that these are not my cats-but ya probably already knew that. Don't make fun of how tech-unadvanced I am. I'm doing my best here dammit! By the way dontcha just love the stubby tail?


dmmgmfm said...

Very nice blog. I can't seem to access the video, but it's probably because I'm on *gasp* dial up internet at my dad's house. I'll look again tomorrow when I'm at home on high speed.

By the way, I'm a techno-dinosaur according to my 24 year old son, so you are not alone.

Take good care,

dmmgmfm said...

Yay! It worked on high speed internet. What a cute video, reminds me of everyday life at my house. I have six, yes 6, cats and they fight like that about half the time. The rest of the time they are snuggling and cleaning each other.

hellokittn said...

My mini-cat and the "man's" midsize were wresling around like that yesterday... cats are so funny. Thanks for the giggles :-)

Happy Holidays!