Wednesday, December 13, 2006

This blog has no identity

I was just told this morning that my blog has no identity. Whatever that means..... hhmph, like I care. I just figured out how to link so I will start having some more fun posts soon. I know I keep saying that but dammit be patient with me. Do I need to keep cashing in my cancer sympathy card or what? yes

It's a slow week-a lazy week. I went to a follow up appointment with my surgeon yesterday. Everything seems to still be in working order. My scar has healed well except for one small tender spot that we need to keep an eye on. I asked about my voice-yes, I know everyone keeps telling me that my voice is back to normal. But not for me. It may sound the same but it takes a huge effort on my part and I get winded after just a couple sentences. He said it will take a long time for me but not to worry. At least I don't sound like a man! I did mention to him that I rather enjoy having any excuse to cash in my cancer card-as in,"well,I'm sorry I won't be able to volunteer for that but, you know, I'm still convalescing and all."(also see above) He showed me a meek and humble, helpless face to use and said I should fold my hands. I'll have to practice some more but I think I have it down. I'm not sure how long I'll be able to use that but it suits me for now. My surgeon is a wise man....

On a happy note, Christmas is getting closer and closer! I wish this little junior here with Santa did not grow up into a 17 year old man.... oh well.

My sisters need to have some more kids.

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David said...

Identity? Your _blog_ don't need no stinkin' identity! It has you. *heh*

(I always say that the reason I blog is to mollify the voices in my head. :-))