Wednesday, January 03, 2007

New Year's dinner-Little Pea style

I know I know-New Year's Day was on the 1st. But I was damn lazy on the 1st. So our Happy New Year started on the 2nd dammit! I made a turkey. Over the years I've made a few turkeys thanks to a Spanish waitress who, when I told I didn't think I was a good enough cook, said it was easy-peasy(ok she didn't exactly use that term it just sounded funny to me) and that I should just jump into it and gave me her tips. Since then I've used her recipe. So for anyone out there as timid as I was, I'll pass on the wisdom. I have to just put it out there that I'm not the best of cooks so don't be mad at me if it doesn't work! Plus it's not my recipe anyway it's hers.
I make a spice rub: paprika, salt, cayenne pepper flakes, garlic powder, course pepper blend, seasoned salt

Notice some got on the counter...I'm messy what can I say? By the way I just want everyone to know-I did not/would not choose that horrible mauve color for the counter top, it's ugly I know!

I rubbed the spices all over and inside too, it's kind of gross but I get over it after a few seconds, then spray vegetable oil and tuck the wings behind.
I started sort of late so I didn't have enough time to cook it with the cornbread stuffing(yes,from the box dammit) so I stuffed it loosely with onions(say it like that Cajun guy on PBS while doing it,"On-yOns") , carrots, and celery.
I ate a shocking amount of kettle chips while waiting the 3 hours so I wasn't really that hungry by the time it was finished but MrPea was.

It came out sort of burnt looking but that's because I raise the temp from 325 to 375 for the last 15 minutes so the skin will be krronchy(not crunchy). It doesn't make for a pretty turkey but let's not be superficial here! I do have a tendency to burn things-ok I know that! But I have to blame it on the crappy oven I swear it!! MrPea likes for things to be cooked to DEATH anyway. Plus I made enough gravy to fill a pothole(yes from a mix-does it look like there are any drippings here to make gravy with? plus I hate giblets, I don't even like the word giblet sounds like someone's toes or something) and it was good dammit!

Anyway, I didn't make any resolutions this year because they are always the same ones: Exersize more, eat right , quit swearing. I haven't excersized much lately but I will. Besides those chips from yesterday(I bought them in bulk for cheaper-which I still haven't gotten over how much I love to buy in bulk but that's a story for another day), I don't really eat too badly. And the cussing-I have to admit, I enjoy cussing. It's a love hate thing: I like to say cuss words but I hate the way they sound coming from my mouth. It's just so enjoyable sometimes especially since I grew up in such a stiff, strict household. It's not like I go around telling everyone to go f- themselves, like certain people we know and love(oh!but how I would love to sometimes) When I prohibit myself-it just makes me want to do it more so I'll give myself permission to swear while acknowledging that it sounds horrible. That was how I quit smoking. I doubt this will work but I'll take this habit over all those other bad habits I'm thankful for not having. Does that sentence make sense? Does to me.

Hope everyone had fun over the Holidays.


Thailand Gal said...

Turkey looks fine to me. (I've never cooked one. I don't care for it so never saw any logical reason to learn.) As for resolutions, don't bother. When the time is right, those things will come together. I used to cuss like the proverbial sailor. With aging, I just got kind of bored with it. (I will admit to having a colorful Thai vocabulary though ~ and using it liberally when I need to "get it out") :)



Madge said...

Looks delicious!

Happy New Year!!!

Laurie said...

I'm glad I'm not the only one that uses the smoke detector for a kitchen timer. By the way, it looks awesome to me.