Wednesday, January 31, 2007

OK-I feel better now

I watched Sesame Street as a kid-Kermit was my favorite. His look of exasperation is the best. I love to make this face-I practice often and will look for any excuse to make it. I love to see people making this face-inadvertently or on purpose-doesn't matter. I love making this face at MrPea, he's really good at it himself(I need a better name for him) and dammit,call me crazy, I'm pretty sure I've seen Peanut making this face too.

Today I'm making this face because:
1.I'm tired, tired, tired for NO reason. It's the f-ing anemia. I'm 30 years old dammit. I should be bouncing all over the place not dragging my ass like a slug. I've been taking multi-vitamins AND iron supplements and I'm still tired, exhausted, energy-less, fatigued, burnt out, washed out,worn out, enfeebled, the weak link of nature.
2.I'm still irritated-if you didn't read my last post-don't bother, it's too long and bitchy plus all you really need to know is a friend hurt my feelings without meaning to and I said nothing about it and then got angry at myself for not sticking up for myself instead of getting defensive.(is that a run on sentence or what!?) I really shouldn't let myself get upset so much. I should try to look at a person's good intentions. Still though.....(*update-I deleted my last post-it was too negative)
3.I was reading a few "soapbox" blogs and was irritated by a couple things that were said. One of them was why do people use their blog to complain about stupid everyday things when there are more important things going on in the world. Another was- blogs are silly because it's full of silly little girls talking about clothes and shoes and we should all be serious and talk about real issues not silly things. How dare we use our blogs to vent once in a while-how dare we communicate! How dare we persue happiness and acceptance!tsktsktsk

But, I am happy because:

* I went to get my blood work done this morning and that's always good because I like to be proactive about my health. I'll know for sure why I'm always tired lately. I do feel a little better the past couple days, too.
*It's going to be warmer tomorow.
*Winter here is almost over.
*I finally got my camera!!Yippee! I'm still learning how to use it but I love it!!
*I have an exorbitant amount of chocolate covered popcorn and I plan on guiltlessly eating every single kernel and I could care less about gaining one f-ing pound because today(maybe not tomorrow) I have a good body image dammit.
*I can't express enough how soft and thick Peanut's extra chest fur is and how much I love it. He's a lion!
*F-ck all those "snogs" ! I just made that word up-it means a 'snobby blog'-GET IT? get it??heehee! Because my jokes and made up words are cheesy like that! Feel free to use it-or not.
*I got offered a cool job. I said no, though. I'm not ready yet because I don't feel healthy enough. Still, it feels good to know I can when I'm ready.


Laurie said...

I can't wait to see pictures from your new camera! What kind did you finally settle on? I know you will love it. And you know what? You can bitch whenever you want. It's your damned blog afterall. If the snogs don't like it, they don't have to read it.

MsLittlePea said...

I got a Sony Cybershot-the 6megapixel. I don't need anything more powerful than that. I'm just happy it's small enough to fit in my purse. I can't wait to start posting pictures with it!!

Madge said...

Chocolate covered popcorn?! That sounds so good! I never knew there was such a thing.