Sunday, January 07, 2007

I can't think of a title-this post has no title

Last night Mr.Pea and I went out with a couple of his single friends from work. We ate a Caribbean restaurant that for some reason was blasting country music. The shrimp was good though and I'm a picky eater. We ended up having a mediocre time at a pretty cool bar. The band that was performing last night was playing that sort of funk-jazz that you have to be, like, supercool to 'get it'. You know what I mean right? You have to wear sunglasses indoors and listen to supersecret artists no one else knows about. None of us 'got it'. It wasn't bad music just ok. I got to hear Mr.Pea scat though-that was a first. (you know,like, when they do that shoo ba doo ba dooooo daadaa thing) I'm pretty sure I heard a meow in there somewhere-good times.

As usual I was the only girl. (I was also the designated driver but not because of my gender.) Being the only girl can have it's benefits but pretty much sucks for the most part. This is because I am not 'one of the boys'. I did go through a tomboy phase but even then it was because my best friend was going through one and that lasted a month at most. All of my girl friends have either moved away or had kids and dumped me. I don't take it personally, I was 13 when my oldest sister had her first son so I know after the babies come, moms don't usually have time for anything else. But I'm not bitchy about being the only girl and I don't pull the queen bee attitude either-I hate that. I like to listen to their 'guy' gossip-I thought high school girls were bad! Nuh ah! I wish I could write all the information I heard but they all know I have a blog so I'll keep it to myself and perhaps blackmail everyone later-I know things dammit.

As usual no one scored a phone number. Maybe next time.


Thailand Gal said...

Men are usually twice as snarky as girls. How well I remember! The majority of my friends are male ~ many of them gay men ~ and, oh, they are a hoot!

What the heck is "scat"? Never heard of it. I still listen to 80s music.. so I have absolutely no idea about the cool jazz/funk stuff.



Laurie said...

Most of my friends are men, so I know how they gossip. Too bad the music wasn't as good as the shrimp.

Madge said...

Best. Post. Ever.

You are so funny.

(I can relate to being "dumped" by girlfriends...what the heck?)