Saturday, January 20, 2007



-saw a beautiful bald eagle(but I don't have a damn digital camera yet dammit... but we won't get negative will we....)

-walked into the ladies room at the Cheesecake Factory where a Texan in a purple thong and red boots was trying on her new pants.(OMG I totally regretted not having a digital camera at that moment even more than the bald eagle moment)

-bought the winning lottery ticket(heehee-I hope)

-received a 'thank you for not dying of cancer gift' from MrPea(a mini-ipod yay...I am finally in the 21st if I can figure out how to use it)

-bought a pack lipgloss, 3 for $.99(I would have been just as happy with that as my gift but don't tell MrPea lest he steal my ipod)

-found the newspaper clipping of me and Peanut in Quebec(that's right! Hard hitting news!)

I had to blank out my last name from the psychos.

What about ya'll?!


Laurie said...

You could have made big bucks off of the Texan in the purple thong photos! I hope you get a camera soon.

Madge said...

Awww, you & Peanut are such cuties.

You saw what in the bathroom at Cheesecake? Ewwwwwwwww. I'm sorry.

And here's to your iPod! They are so much fun.