Sunday, January 28, 2007

Most embarrassing moment of my life


Time: Jan.1983, 8:05 am
Place: Pearl Harbor Elementary-2nd grade morning line up section

I was 7 years old
I made the dumbest mistake of telling my sister during Christmas break(yesssss, it was Neenee) that I had a crush on Rodell, my lunch line partner, who up until that moment traded chips with me everyday during snack. Her real intentions unbeknownst to me, Neenee decided to be big sisterly that day and walked me to my class. She even invited a couple of her cool 5th grade friends to come with us. I felt extra-special-cool to be seen with older girls from the "cool people section" at school. *OK before I even go on are you guessing what happened? Should I even finish? ok I'll finish:

So there I am, trying to be cute in my new purple miniskirt and my sister and her"cool people section" friends decide to serenade me as I'm walking to my assigned place in line.

Oh- did you want to know the song they chose? It was called "Angel loves Rodell"-that's my name by the way. Just in case anyone would like to sing on their own or in the shower...where ever...I'll include the actual lyrics:

Angel Loves Rodell!
Angel Loves Rodell!
Angel and Rodell sitting in a tree---k-i-s-s-i-n-g.........

Oh you already know that song? Because I thought Neenee was just the most talented song writer and by the way I have to mention that they sang so loud and clear that it echoed throughout the entire school.

Isn't that so romantic?

Rodell moved to California two months later but by that time I had transferred my feelings to Scotty, my field trip partner.


Laurie said...

Do you still "owe" her for that or have you paid her back? If so, I'd love to hear about it. ;-)

Madge said...

I just adore your term, "cool people section." I am going to steal it from time to time - I hope you don't mind!

Now, that's such a cute story! I'm dying to know how things with Scotty turned out.

MsLittlePea said...

Laurie-you know what? I never got her back!!!!

Madge-you can steal whatever expression you want. As for Scotty -he gave me a chocolate bunny for Easter and then we had different teachers the next year...