Thursday, February 01, 2007

Thursday Thirteen Songs I Sing In The Shower

While doing this, I just realized why the lady who lives next door hates me. She glares at me-and I mean GLARES at me every time I see her which is quite often because I walk my dog around the same time she leaves for work and comes home. I don't care though, I smile big at her because I don't know what her problem is and have no reason to dislike her other than the fact that she hates me. MrPea and I have different bathrooms because I hate sharing a bathroom with a boy. So the ladies room in my home is right where her master bedroom is.

This in no way represents my music preferences because I don't have a preference. I love just about every song I've ever heard. Most of them are oldies because, personally, I find oldies easier to sing and more fun to sing in the shower. I use the word 'sing' very generously because I used to at least sing in tune before my surgery but now I sound like an angry cat with strep throat. And that's fine with me.

Thirteen songs I sing in the shower

1. The Joker, Steve Miller Band
2. Is this Love, Bob Marlery
3. Take it Off, The Donnas
4.Sexual Healing, Marvin Gaye
5. Let's Groove, Earth Wind and Fire
6. One Way or Another, Blondie
7. Stayin' Alive, Beegees
8. The Hawaii 5-0 theme song-I don't know who composed this song
9.What am I to you, Nora Jones
10.Get down on it, Kool and the Gang
11. Can't Get Enough of Your Love, Barry White
12. SuperFreak, Rick James
13. I wanna hold your hand, The Beatles

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Chelle said...

The shower is the only place I sing. I loved the list :)

Anonymous said...

what have you done with my daughter !

ancsweetnsassygal said...

I love your list. Especially the Beatles and Blondie. Great idea for TT. Happy Thursday.

The Rock Chick said...

Some of the best singers I know are shower trained :)!

Loved your list---my favorite is Blondie!!

MsLittlePea said...

Thanks guys! And Mr.Anonymous-I know that's you daddy! 'Your daughter' has her own taste in music!

Madge said...

Barry White!!!
Awesome list.

Laurie said...

Very funny and cute. I bet you really don't sound like an angry cat with strep throat. But even if you do, it's your darned shower and you can sing in it if you want to!

Courtney said...

Y'know, they say the bathroom has the best accoustics!

An angry cat with strep throat? I sound like a sick cow!