Friday, February 02, 2007

Since I'm on the subject and I know he's reading

I am the baby in the family and everyone is always amazed by my superwoman memory. My dad was fortunate enough to have three daughters. I can understand what that does to a man like my father. I remember that my mother worked in the evenings so during the day she was always home with me in my toddler years. Every once in a while, and this was a very rare event, I had to stay with a friend of hers during the day and once or twice I went to a day care. This is why this memory is so vivid:

I was about 3 or 4 and my dad took me to a day care center and explained to them that I was only to be there for one or two days. I had never been to that place before so I didn't know the 'rules' or the routine. I have to explain that all my life I have been doted on, babied, and looked after by my older sisters and brother-everything I ever did was just sooo cute and soooo adorable and sooo special in their eyes. Plus I had inherited a smart mouth. So I'm sure I was not very cooperative at this place. During story time I wasn't paying attention or keeping still and one of the ladies in charge was a little rough handed with me while putting me in the naughty corner and I specifically remember that I didn't understand that I was misbehaving.

The next day my father, in all his Navy uniform glory took me to that place and the woman was all smiles- "Hello sir, can I help you?"

Him:"Yes you can help me. You can help me find out who the hell put their (insert explicative) hands on my (insert explicative) daughter!"

I only remember that part so I don't know what happened after but change a couple words and that same sentence can be used to describe several situations:

At the doctor getting a shot:
"Don't you hear her screaming? Take your (insert explicative) hands off my (insert explicative) daughter!"

At school if one of us was sent for a spanking(it was school policy then and they had to call for parental permission): "I don't(insert explicative) think so! Don't lay a (insert explicative) hand on my (insert explicative) daughter!"

At the airport some strangely dressed people tried to give my sister a flower: need I even go on? I'm sure you get the idea

I'm pretty sure this is a common story.


Courtney said...

Your dad rocks!!! My mom was the same way, no one dared touch her baby (I was the youngest of three, too)!

In regards to your previous post, "Hi MsLittlePea's Daddy!!!" :::waves:::


Laurie said...

Both of my parents did the same thing! How awesome is that?

super des said...

My mom was the one that talked like that. One time I got in trouble for something really stupid at school. They threatened to call my mom, and I called their bluff. "Go ahead. Call my mom. Tell her why she has to leave work and come down here." They did, and my mom used many of the phrases mentioned above.

They never called my mom again.

MsLittlePea said...


Thailand Gal said...

Very interesting! Your father sounds like a spitfire and definitely didn't take any crap.




Madge said...

Dads are the best!

heartinsanfrancisco said...

You are so lucky to have had such protective parents.

I have near-total recall of my childhood, too, which can be most embarrassing to certain people whenever it hits the fan.