Friday, February 16, 2007


The other day I was at the grocery store. At the check-out line there was a tired looking woman in front of me with her son. He had a cutie angelic face, as all kindergarten-aged kids do and he really did not like standing in line. He kept calling her stupid-face and this poor woman looked like she was about to lose it. I remember being little and impatient about being in line with my mom but I don't remember ever feeling comfortable enough to call my mom a stupidface. The poor woman was so nice too- she kept saying softly,"Sweetie, mommy doesn't like those kinds of names. It's not nice and it hurts my feelings." Finally, she got a little mad and said in a 'I-mean-it' voice,"I really wish you would stop calling me that and behave or you'll get a spanking in the car." This little boy looked at her with his sweet little face and screamed,"I WISH YOU WOULD SHUT UP AND GO TO HELL!" I was expecting the walls to fall down but she didn't even blink. She took her cart and they calmly walked out of the store. He won. I felt sorry for her.

I can't even think of anything else to say about that.


hel said...

Oi! I'm at a loss for words myself.

Madge said...

Me too.
That just breaks my heart.

Hel said...

Thank you for swinging past my site and leaving such a cool comment. It made my day :)

Here is the story about the tatoo:
When I was nineteen I saw a movie called heavy metal. In it was this super cool super sexy women who belonged to a tribe whose mision it was to save the world.She had a tatoo of a sword behind her ear. This marked her as a world saver.

This so inspired me I decided to get the same sword tatoo. But when I got to the tatoo parlour I could not remember what the sword looked like. I did not want to run the risk of getting the wrong sword and thereby maybe belonging to the wrong tribe.

At the time a friend was infatuated with the moon and star. He drew it on everything. In my hour of need the image jumped into my mind.

Shanshu said...

Wow...sounds to me like somebody needs a spanking and a very long, dark, cold timeout session.

If I ever spoke to my mother that way, she would have spanked me so hard my butt will STILL hurt.

super des said...

I hope she kept her word and he got the spanking of a lifetime when they got to the car.

MsLittlePea said...

I know-right! I have 5 nephews and I've never heard any of them speak to thier mom like that! How is one supposed to deal with that? I wonder if he learned that at home...

heartinsanfrancisco said...

It's certainly possible that this woman's husband calls her stupid in front of the child. Kids do what they learn, and it doesn't sound as if she has any spirit left.

If this really offensive behavior is not stopped now, while he is still physically small enough to handle, he will grow up to be a monster. And he will treat women horribly.

This is a really sad story.

Laurie said...

How incredibly sad.

thethinker said...

Poor woman.

Courtney said...

This is why I don't have children, if they ever spoke to me in such a manner -- backhanded! Of course, if I did have children, they'd never learn to misbehave that way in the first place.

I am not Star Jones said...

that little boy would get no spanking from me. i don't have children and i don't support spanking.

what he would get:

a lot of I love yous
as i pull all of his toys out of his room for as long as i feel like it.

as i cancel all his friends coming over to play for as long as i feel like it.

no going over to play with his friends, either.

no trips to mcdonalds, chuck e cheese or anywhere else five year olds love to play

no television -- oh you want to see Pokemon? oh you want to watch That's So Raven?

they are in Hell with me, buster so I guess the answer is no.

for as long as I feel like it, his five year old life will be spent contemplating his wish for me to go to hell.

i pray to God that that mother has the patience and wisdom to deal with him now -- else she's going to be dealing with his mess at 15.