Wednesday, February 28, 2007

This picture has nothing to do with this post

But I like it. Doesn't she have great legs? Actually maybe there is a relation to my topic.

I learned a valuable lesson this morning. I thought I should share it in case this happens to anyone else. It is this: It's probably not a good idea to prance around all day in pink high-heels the day after you fall on your ass down the stairs. That makes your injured leg very angry. You may think that pink high-heel sandals look better than comfy, old, brown, raggedy flip-flops with your outfit but just don't do it. You will wake up the next day and your injured leg muscles will feel like they are on fire every time you move. You'll have to walk up and down the very stairs you fell on using only the other leg, crying with every step while everyone in your neighborhood will see you on their way out the door and think you're an idiot who can't even climb stairs properly. You'll have to walk your dog that way-gimping all over the place. So instead of having a perfectly good leg that healed quickly because you were smart and wore comfortable shoes, you'll have a leg that doesn't work, feels worse, and is angry at you for choosing fashion over comfort. Then you will have a pity party for yourself on your blog only no one will feel sorry for you because they are tired of hearing about your damn leg. And all the giddiness you feel about your new haircut and color will fly out the window.


Laurie said...

You crack me up, girl. I'm sorry you are in pain, but you sure can tell a story.

By the way, we must see photos of your new "do".

Heal quickly!

MsLittlePea said...

Thanks Laurie! Other than walking Peanut, I'm trying to stay off of it today. I did take some before and after pictures. I'll get them up tomorow:o)
I'm such a brat
Oh but those heels really are cute.

Shanshu said...

I agree...everytime I wear pink high-heels my legs are furious with me.

Mainly because I'm a boy.

MsLittlePea said...

Maybe they prefer purple then? Or how about green?

super des said...

I've made a vow never to buy another shoe that makes my legs or feet angry. We'll see how that holds up.

heartinsanfrancisco said...

I don't do heels in general as well as I used to, but sometimes they just cannot be resisted.

You probably should have waited a day or so before attempting them, though.

Feel better. Take good care of your potato chip-like self.

hel said...

I love coming to your blog. I always feel better after leaving.

hel said...

Oi, I read that again and it came out all wrong. What I meant to say is you remind me to laugh. And that makes me feel ligher.

I was told not to wear heels for a year after I torn a ankle ligament. It took me 10 months to get use to feeling like a duck when walking in flats.

But now my feet has got lazy. They longingly stare at the flattest of flat shoes whenever I bravely set forth in my stilettos

Lightning Bug's Butt said...

Sorry about your bum leg, Pea. But I can't feel sorry for how the heels make you feel.

ellie bee said...

PINK high heels??? you go girl! what's a leg when you can wear bitchin' shoes?
I suspect I'd be limping after a day in heels without a hurt leg!

anne said...

Love the photo! Nice legs indeed.

Sorry about your fall. I haven't worn heels in a stone's age - sensible shoes for me all the way. Or barefoot, depending on the season. I hope you're feeling better now!

Madge said...

Lucky for you, there are some cool people section flats out there.

Thailand Gal said...

Well, I haven't worn a pair of heels in thirty years ~ but, yes, it is a good reminder. LOL

Glad you're staying off the foot today. That sounds like a good move.