Friday, February 23, 2007

Procrastinatin' and Slackin' Off

As I mentioned yesterday, my house needs some help. This is supposed to be my own nook for me to paint and create priceless masterpieces. So far it's just a pile of crap that gets in the way of Peanut's sunbathing. It's actually a really nice area that I had to bully my husband into letting me have. He thought we should put the computer desk there-I disagreed. I said I needed the lighting and view for my inspiration. I have an easel I stored in my parents' attic while I was in Canada and I keep telling myself,"I'll go get it this weekend." Do you see an easel here? I will go get it....I will go get promise.
I also keep telling myself," I'll get to organizing so I can start painting again today." But, see, the problem is the computer is in the same room. I come in here with the full intention of getting it together. But it beckons to me, it says in it's little voice,""Angel!Angel!Check your email, don't forget your blog,you should read all the interesting things everyone in your cool people section wrote while you were out,check out these shoes you should buy, read the news, there's some really cool viddys on youtube and by the way isn't there a song you wanted for your ipod ???Comeeeer hunneeee, just for a minute....I missed you....yay together you and la la la luvyou"
I ended up spending this afternoon downloading a bunch of disco songs (hot-hot-hot-hot-stuuuuff plus she's a superfreak-superfeak-she's superfreakay-- yow!) and making up playlists for all my activities(disco is for my work outs). I will get to it! I will-I always do, but right now, I'm thinking I need some more reggae for my ipod because summer is coming........yeah!


super des said...

you sound JUST like me. Except the best disco song is "on the Radio" by Donna Summer.

I listen to house dance music when I work out.

Laurie said...

I lived disco. ;-)

MsLittlePea said...

Des-I love that song. I told you we were twins

Laurie-did you do the bump?the tango hustle?do you still have the cool clothes and platform shoes??give them to me...pleees?

Sometimes Saintly Nick said...

Your nook is immaculate compared to my house.

Madge said...

I love little corners. And dogs that lounge in the sunshine.

Madge said...

And disco.

Hel said...

I so know what you mean. Here I am at 11 at night just quickly checking into my blog even though I know I should try and get some sleep.

What can I say? The siren called and I followed.