Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Stripper Names

An old friend who I hadn't heard from in forever called me out of the blue a couple weeks ago just to ask me what my stripper name was-I'm pretty sure there was some alcohol involved. I guess everyone else in the world but me has heard about how to figure out your stripper name(I'm always the last to know these imporatant things). You combine the name of your childhood pet and the name of the street you grew up on.


*My stripper name is Casper Cypress-thank you ,I'll be signing autographs until 2.
*Mr.Pea's is Spaghetti St.Maurice.
*(The drunk girl who called me is Buffy Willow.)

What's yours? If you feel the inclination.... :o)


Madge said...

Mossy Harold

super des said...

I've also heard this is porn star name...

Ariel Dana.

But really I had so many pets and streets that it could be just about anything!

MsLittlePea said...

Porn star name too? Oh- all the wisdom I've been missing out on!

Laurie said...

Finnigan School, how boring is that? Why couldn't I have grown up on a sexy street like Willow? Finnigan Willow or better yet, Willow Finnigan, now that's a stripper name ;-)

anne said...

Mine would be "Whiskers Buckeye Court", which is pretty much utter nonsense.

Thankfully for myself and everyone else, I'm not a stripper, and instead my name is Anne.

Courtney said...

Boppo Luke.