Tuesday, February 13, 2007

EEEeek! Ratzz & Lizzardzz

My skin is still crawling from the trauma of it all! Earlier today Peanut and I were walking around, enjoying the sunshine and birds singing everywhere. I looked at the curb and saw something dead and furry. I assumed it was a squirrel since they are all over the place where I live. Upon inspection, I realised it was a mouse. Peanut decided it belonged in his mouth--- I disagreed. My Peanut is still taking steroids so he has incredible Hulk strength and because of my health that I already bitched about, I'm not very strong right now. He won the tug of war and pulled us closer to the dead body and then... what happened....IT WAS ALIVE!! It started squirming and wiggling-it was obviously dying and my inner animal lover/activist felt sorry enough for it to reach deep within for just the muscle power to keep my salivating and yelping with excitement Jack Russel away from finishing the job one of the thousand vultures that live around here would have been happy to do. I was able to get him away from the poor thing but it was already too late. Peanut was in hunt-frenzy mode. Every living thing was vulnerable. Every leaf that moved in the breeze was a potential victim. After a few minutes he started walking in the direction towards home.
We got home and I noticed he didn't drink water but went straight to my bedroom. I already knew what was going on in there. I walked in slowly. My dog caught a lizard while I wasn't looking and for reasons known only to him, he enjoys bringing all his victims in MY ROOM. Not to his five hiding places or 4 of his own beds-my room. He likes to let it go-catch it again-let it go-catch it again then cry while poking it with his nose after it dies. I picked him up-lizard in mouth-and put him on the patio because the general rule in the house is: any house member who likes to torture lizards, please do so NOT IN MY ROOM, thankyou. Please PETA don't come to my house-it's not my fault-I knew JackRussel's enjoyed hunting fox in England but since I don't live in England or own foxes I thought all others would be safe. I even had a small
but respectful funeral:

I've said it before and I'll say it again:does this look like the face of a killer?

I didn't have my camera on hand to take any pictures of the mouse but I wouldn't have been able to anyway. Peanut is stronger than me right now and it would have been that mouse's doom.


Laurie said...

Peanut is adorable, even if he is a lizard killer.

Thailand Gal said...

Cute picture.. and no way does that dog look like he'd kill anything ~ but, alas, nature prevails. :)



Madge said...

Peanut & Jane would get along so well. She loves a good lizard hunt/torture.

Happy Valentine's Day!

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