Friday, February 09, 2007

TT Cont.

Thirteen Insensitive/Rude Things I've Heard People Say:

1. It must suck being so short.--Like I said yesterday, I hear this all the time.

2. I saw your makeover on the news yesterday, the lighting made your acne look worse than in person.--This was said to a friend of mine by her coworker.

3. Your sister's a bitch, but, I like you.--This was said to me during 8th grade cheerleader tryouts by an older 'cool people section' girl. What could I have said,"gee, thanks?" She ended up threatening to kick my ass on the last day of school and I never figured out why being as I only had one other interaction with her besides that but that's another story for another day. Awh junior high-good times.

4. I'd invite you (to dinner), but the people we're meeting aren't your kind of people.--This was said from one coworker to another in front of me. It was at my first job and I worked at the mall. I remember thinking in her defense, "We sell jeans and slutty clothing here, are you trying to say that you're hanging out with the bookstore people and they are just way over her head?"

5. Your from (insert name of a country)? Man, I heard the prostitutes were really hot there.--Ok this was one of the weirdest moments of my life thinking about it now. This was aid to me by a boyfriend's neighbor. He was, I think, in his 40s-married-with kids, but for whatever reason hung out with the teenagers on that street. What the hell kind of response is one supposed to give after that? That was actually the cleanest thing he said that day because he also went on to say some other filthy things about the female genitalia but my fingers will fall off if I write them down here. The strangest part was-I heard later, when he was told all the girls were grossed out, he said he meant those things as compliments. CREEPY!

6. Let me help you with that, she doesn't know what she's doing-she's just the bikini salesgirl here. She wouldn't know a clue about that.--This wasn't said to me, but about me. I was working in a surf shop and going to school and the owner was a jerk and a sexual harasser-that's also a story for another day. A female customer asked me for help just as he walking into the store. I have to note that he was from Louisiana and had never been on a surfboard in his life-he just pretended like he was this hard core surfer and I've lived on the beach my whole life. I didn't work there very long....

7. You're hair is really long, where do you get your extensions done?--This was said to me by a coworker of my husband's during an office party in front of everyone. She's mean to everyone so it didn't bother me even though I've never had extensions in my life. She also said #2 and #10.

8. I feel so comfortable in your apartment because it always looks like shit so I
don't feel like I have to dress up to come over here.--A college classmate said that to my roommate and I. In our defense we both worked full time and went to school full time so our house was sanitary but not organized.

9. I liked you better with a beard-it's all too much face now.--The girl who said the statement above(#8) said that to our poor neighbor who had been dumped by his girlfriend and shaved off his beard in an effort to start over-it was our advice(me and my roommate). We thought he looked nice.

10. Do they make strange click, click sounds when they're talking where you're from? That's pretty weird!--Isn't this woman creative? Like I said the woman who just loves my long hair said this to a colleague's wife. She is from South Africa and that bitch just felt like pointing that out to everyone. I could write an entire book about this woman but then she'd get the validation she so badly needs.

11. Why do you need a blue tooth-you're like nobody important.--My sister overheard one mom say this to another mom at her son's preschool. Not very nice.

12. I'm going to get some lemon cake but maybe you should skip desert.--I actually heard a mother say this to her daughter at Starbucks.

13. I wish I could wear tacky clothes and get away with it, but somehow it suits you.--A sales lady said this to my friend while we were trying on clothes at a vintage store. I think she really did mean it as a compliment but it didn't come out that way.


super des said...

Ew a saleslady said #13?
That person sucks.

Maybe I will write one of these of my own one day, but I've heard so many stupid things that the post would go on for decades.

SUEB0B said...

I have a very bad memory for stupid crap people say, thank goodness.

Madge said...

#12 just breaks my heart.

Christina said...

Those are pretty awesome! Aren't people amazing sometimes? My favorite was a friend's sister who said, "well you can be snappy at times. Are you Cuban? Because you know how Cubans can be snappy!"

ANd #2: "At what age is it that Hispanic women become hideous? They're hot and then all of a sudden wham! they loose it!"