Friday, June 23, 2006

Today is take your pets to work day

Meet Mr.Peanut.
Born: Dec.11, 1997 on a pig farm in Slidell, Louisiana

Parents: ZsaZsa and Toro

Adopted: Feb.14, 1998

Status: Single, Neutered

Occupation: Lizard and Roach Hunter

Hobbies: Sleeping, Begging, Stealing food, Digging, Catching lizards and bugs

Likes: Kisses, Cookies, stealing, stealing cookies, filet mignon and chicken drumstix(minus bone of course), escaping from the front door, being chased, biting hands from under a blanket, making friends, sunbathing, belly rubs, being "first" , walking on people's sleeping heads, posing for pictures/posing in general, laying on warm laundry, fireplaces, McDonald's cheeseburgers, expensive blankets, wearing sweaters, humping people's legs, car rides, highjumping, rolling in grass, rolling in mud, smelly things, taking up all the space on every piece of furniture in "his" house, wearing scarves, ice cream

Dislikes: Behaving, thunder, firecrackers, loud noises, not being allowed to go off leash, airplane trips, "staying", "sitting", "heeling", motorcycles, taking baths, the Hawaiian rabies quarantine station(he was jailed there for 4 months-all pets were required-he does NOT have rabies mind you), wearing doggie snowboots, vacuums, wearing hats, bees, bee stings, yappy dogs, skim milk

Personality Traits: Fearless(except in case of thunderstorm), Friendly, Escape artist, Theif, Hard Worker, Relentless Hunter, Gets along with others, however will not put up with bullies

Favorite toy: Disgusting stuffed purple cat(also serves as temporary "girlfriend")

Peanut is also a philanthropist. He has donated to the Noah's Wish Foundation and to the Humane Society. He comes from a long line of full bred champions yet is not pretentious about it in the least. His favorite friends include: Mittens(a cat--yessss, he is friends with a cat), Lady, Wiggles, Madeline, Doodles, Sara. He is a good boy at the doctor's office. He also enjoys huffing and can crawl on his belly. He doesn't perform tricks as he thinks performing tricks are for pansies. He does NOT like being dressed up in ridiculous outfits, only practical sweaters in conservative colors but occasionally likes wearing Chiquita Banana stickers on his forehead. He is also a world traveler with traveling certificates. He is also a celebrity in Northern Quebec where he was featured in a hard hitting newspaper article(to be posted at another time).

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