Wednesday, June 14, 2006


My first post ya'll! I finally got a name for my blog and this is my first post! Yippity! Yippitee doo! Have some patience with me it's going to take me a while to get going and figure out all this stuff. In the year 2006 I still haven't really figured out all that tech language and I feel like I need a durn manual. It took me at least a half hour just to figure out how to write this f- paragragh. Feel free to send me any ideas or pictures.

Disclaimer to the "adults" in my life-please excuse my bad grammar and sailor language but just so you know, the bad grammar is on purpose;the sailor language can't be helped that's just the way I talk. ( I don't even think it's that bad.)

PS ya'll: If I win the lottery tonight....I'm not sure if I'll ever post anything EVER so don't get too attached.

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Me said...

Hello!! You will have so much fun with this, you can post all kind of picuters of peanut and brag. Well I just wanted to send a quick hello so you know that I will be looking. love ya - the blone cuz