Thursday, June 22, 2006

Who the hell are these people?!

Typical 8th graders in 1990. From left to right: this first girl, M was the craziest girl I've ever met in my life- she had a crush on a boy named John and used to scream really loud when she was mad-she also crashed a moped that summer and had two bikes stolen from her house(the bikes belonged to the third girl) she enjoyed swearing and talking on the phone-she used to ride her bike in the middle of the night to our house if we got bored and told her to come over. Second is me-I had to go to summer school that year because I was lazy and failed math-I also got caught with cigarettes and used to sneak out my window to jump on my best friend's trampoline because my parents were strict and hardly let me out of the house, I also got grounded from talking on the phone for a whole month and thought my life was over when we got caught trying to sneak back in from the window-I had a crush on a boy named Gary that summer. Third is Mouse-her boyfriend was Jason and she liked Janet Jackson and LLCoolJ-she liked chewing gum, sneaking cigarettes and making fun of her sister. Last but not least my best friend, W, she had a crush on Rodney and she was the one I got caught with sneaking out and smoking cigarettes with( I was jealous that she only got grounded from the phone for one week and me a whole f-month..not fair), we also got in trouble in the sixth grade for throwing candy at people on the bus(we were also FALSLY accused of ripping the bus seat and our accuser-who I have pictures of by the way and I plan on posting them-was totally lying). Our favorite shows were 90210, Yo MTV Raps, House of Style. Sadly, she's the only one I still communicate with even though we all wrote BFF on all the notes we wrote each other at school. NeeNee, my sister, must have taken this picture because for some reason we are all in her room.

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