Monday, August 13, 2007

Hair(not the play), incase anyone was wondering-not that I was expecting anyone to wonder

Thanks for all the input guys! This is what I did. I took every one's advice and just canceled my appointment. I scheduled an appointment with another place for Wed. I'll try it a couple times and if I don't like it, I'm still not going back. My hair is long and straight, it's not that hard to cut and as long as it stays long and straight, I'm really not that picky about who cuts it. I went to that place for a long time and my original hairdresser who charged me 40 moved away and the new girl(s) they were sending me to were more expensive. I just think 60bucks is too much to pay for something as silly as "aesthetic maintenance." This doesn't count all the chemicals I'm always convinced into getting-highlights, toners, glosses, color. Sometimes my bill would add up to 150! Of course this is my fault for agreeing to do all this stuff in the first place but it's like I become this zombie the minute I have that robe on who says, ok sounds good. I also felt like I was getting this "look" because I stopped buying their shampoos($23.00). I don't use any products in my hair either. Basically the reason they charge so damn much is because they are a "(insert shishifoofoo brand name the 'cool people' like) lifestyle salon." I found another place that's just as nice and less expensive when I took my nephew to get his hair cut last week and I just felt more comfortable there. If I had a high maintenance 'do', I wouldn't mind the 60dollars plus tips.

There are a lot of things I would splurge for(like those glasses maybe-I'm still thinking about it) but not hair that ends up in a ponytail because of the heat anyway! I never thought I would EVER blog about my hair but there you go. I'm officially that girl that blogged about her damn hair, don't tell anyone. Ok tomorow I have to come up with something more hard hitting, any suggestions?

*Ok I just thought of something. I didn't/couldn't make this up. Today, while MrPea and I were at the store buying all kinds of stuff in bulk(don't even get me started on all the joys I get from buying in bulk), I had to use the bathroom. There was a lady in the stall next to me making all kinds of, um, noises. Porno noises. I only saw 2 feet so I know she was in there alone. Since she wasn't concerned at all about the fact that I was there, I decided not to care either and didn't bother trying to hold my laughter in. Who does that at a damn ware house store? Ok don't answer.


Laurie said...

Oh mercy! How funny!! You made me snort water out of my nose.

Thanks for the laugh. I needed it today.

super des said...

Hey, I post about my hair fairly frequently!
Course, I do it all my self and it ain't cost me no $60 neither...

MsLittlePea said...

laurie-Glad I could help out. Hope your nose doesn't hurt:o)

des-Yeah but you do all kins of cool stuff with your hair and it's blogworthy. Isn't that a ridiculous price? When I lived in Miami there were salons that charged anywhere from 75-120 for just the cut.

thailandchani said...

LOL!! Oh, now that's funny! I guess some people will do just anything, won't they?

ha ha



Sometimes Saintly Nick said...

$60.00 for esthetic maintenance? I thought I was paying a lot when my barber up the charge to $18.00, which included shampoo, razor cut, and beard trim!

I not only will not attempt to answer your last question, I’ll try to forget it.

heartinsanfrancisco said...

Maybe there was another person in there. The anatomical possibilities are mind=boggling. I'm sorry I went there.

Aveda Salons are way overpriced, and they always try to add on products to a sale. Their people are trained in this policy.

It's surprising for a company that was supposedly founded on "natural" ingredients and lifestyles, but they also serve the god of profit.