Friday, August 10, 2007

A superficial topic but oh well it's MY damn blog, isn't it?

-I'm thinking about breaking up with my hairdresser. She doesn't even know it, but Thursday might be her last chance to prove to me that the arm and leg I'm paying for a haircut and sometimes highlight/color/toner/whateveritisI'mstupidlyconvincedtodoeveryfewweeks is really worth it. Especially since I found someone just as good for half the damn price who won't push any of those ridiculously priced products (when I don't even use that stuff) on me. I was just going to cancel my appointment and never come back. Would that make me one of those guys who say they'll call after a few dates then don't? If so, I'm ready to live with that. Especially since it means I would be saving so much money that I wouldn't feel so guilty as to refrain from buying other ridiculously priced items that I desire a hell of a lot more than gels and shampoos I'll never use and aroma therapy crap that bring on my allergies.

-The thing is, I don't remember whether or not I gave her my blog address so if she's reading this then she'll know and if I decide to show up for my appointment on Thursday, I might walk out of that place with horrible hair. In that case, I'm definitely canceling my appointment and if they ask why, I'll tell the truth. If not and you're reading this, future ex-hairdresser, the truth is this: It's not you dear. It's me. I'd like to um, I don't know, NOT spend a damn arm and leg on hair that always looks the same anyway so I can have extra money left over for shoes, medical bills, and the like.

-I feel a little bad too because she's been cutting my hair for about two years now and she's really nice and very talented. Ok actually I just added up all the money I've spent plus tips in my head, and I don't feel bad anymore. I feel bad about the damn money I spent, that's what I feel bad about.


super des said...

Just cancel the appointment and never look back. If they call you or something and ask why, let her know it's too damn expensive. There doesn't have to be a long teary goodbye or a card or anything.

MsLittlePea said...


super des said...

EEE! Thanks for the linky!

seventh sister said...

I have had that experience because I charge more than a lot of massge therapists. Cancel the appointment and try the other person a time or two. Don't burn any bridges with your current stylist. Remember that your hair does look the same each time you see her and that may be worth the extra money, especially if it doesn't look as good after a few visits to the other stylist. It may be that you want a change or some $change. I always feel that someone who does not want to pay my price just is not my client and should find someone else. My favorite clients don't worry about what they pay me and get the most benefit from what I do.

BTW, I have tagged you. Please check my blog.

Blondie said...

I know two other people who are breaking up with their hair dressers as we speak. Must be going around. Oh, and that photo of the luna moth is beautiful! The first time I saw one, I was in awe.

heartinsanfrancisco said...

I'm in the same quandary, too much money for haircuts that have never been as good as the first one he gave me.

I think Seventh Sister's advice is excellent. Just cancel and try someone else without making a big deal of it. People do this all the time. That way, you can always go back if you decide she really is worth it.

And you are free to say no to products you don't want or need. They'll always try. Refusing them is your right, and your responsibility.

I'm sure you always look beautiful. Did you buy the sunglasses?

Sometimes Saintly Nick said...

That’s a problem with which I have not had to deal: I have never gone steady with my barber in close to 60 years of getting hair cuts.

thailandchani said...

If she wasn't doing a poor job on your hair, I'd tell her to stop offering the products.. no room for understanding.

But.. if she's not doing a good job.. then, yes, I'd try somewhere else, too.



Maurey Pierce said...

Go without guilt. No need for an explanation.

thethinker said...

I've never had a hairdresser to break up with because I have yet to find one that doesn't mess up the very first haircut.

Whiskeymarie said...

I dump them all the time.
Cancel, move on.
She'll get over it.

Shanshu said...

I have had to do the same thing, recently. The girl who has been doing my hair always does it wrong and it never looks good and I'm now forced to stop going to her.

I feel guilty, though. So now I'll have to go to a new salon entirely so she doesn't see me with another hairdresser and think I'm cheating on her.

It's all about the hair drama.

Hel said...


I know those pesky products. Before you know what hit you you have agreed that you need the highlights so subtle you can't see them and the special shampoo and conditioner meant for the special invisible highlights.

Hairdressers are the devil's spawns.

Laugh as you run.