Thursday, July 31, 2008

My recent CAT

My CAT scan that is. I had one this morning as a follow up to the bump they saw on my liver this past winter. I really don't have any horror stories to report. My tech was really nice and spoke French so I got to practice . He also didn't have to stab me several times for my IV like last time. I'm still irritated about that even though it was months ago because I've got excellent veins. But this time it didn't hurt and I didn't start crying in self pity.

Ok I did a little but only for 5 seconds because I had to pay attention to the little cartoon guy on the machine telling me when to breathe and when to hold my breathe. It was cute.

Of course I did NOT enjoy the 'drink' prep they gave me. Again it was disgusting but I only gagged once. I guess I was not as shocked by the nasty flavor and consistency as last time. My stomach's been angry all day though.

And yes, I did experience the peeing-in-your-pants sensation and freaked out a little but not as bad as before. I didn't yell or anything, I just had to keep telling myself to be still and to stop worrying because I did not pee in my pants. Yep.


Big Momma Pimpalishisness said...

I've got shitty veins and I made peace with that years ago.

Glad you have nothing bad to report though.

flutter said...

aw, baby cats just suck. They JUST DO.

hele said...

I'm glad you have good news and sorry you have to go through such horrible procedures and glad that you have a sense of humour to help you float.

Sending lots of stomach calming thoughts.

heartinsanfrancisco said...

I hope everything turns out exactly the way we want it to and they tell you that you're going to live forever in perfect health.

I have invisible veins which require pediatric needles, although I always have to remind them because for some reason, they don't think I'm a child.