Friday, August 01, 2008


I sort of, accidentally had coffee today.(NOT!)

I was feeling a little slow because of the HUGE lunch I pigged out on and I accidentally thought to myself, "wouldn't a cup of coffee be nice?" It was raining outside and it seemed like a nice, cozy thing to do. Of course I meant decaf since it's been months since my last caffeine cup of coffee. I even have some half and half I bought to use in my mac-n-cheese recipe. Ok.

I accidentally never threw away the big canister of caramel flavored coffee my inlaws bought when they were here a couple months ago. So it was by complete accident that it was still next to the coffee maker. I also accidentally put the decaf on a shelf that I could not reach last time I was reorganizing because the canister is not as cute as the caramel one is. I accidentally hurt my leg power walking with Peanut yesterday so obviously climbing the stool for the decaf was out of question even though my other leg is in perfectly good condition. So I accidentally brewed several cups of wonderfully smooth CAFFEINE coffee and accidentally drank 2 cups, enjoying every caramel flavored drop. Oh what a klutz I am.....right?


flutter said...

I hate it when I fall over and land on coffee

Mary said...

I have accidental chocolate contact and unintentional potato chip incidents on a weekly basis.

heartinsanfrancisco said...

It sounds lovely, and would have been even better without the guilt.

There is evidence that coffee actually has some health benefits, so having some occasionally really can't hurt. I got over my own caffeine guilt when I realized that I don't drink or smoke or do drugs and damnit, I need some kind of semi-vice just to retain membership in the human race.

Next time you fall off the wagon, call me. I can't reach the decaf either.

Whiskeymarie said...

I've never heard of this "decaf" thing you speak of, but from what you all say, it sounds horrible and scary.

Maurey said...

All things in moderation. Life is too short to deny!