Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Random Fitness

-I recently commented about this on Maury's post last week so if it looks familiar bear with me. Sometimes I jog at a park and sometimes I work out in the 'fitness room' of my neighborhood clubhouse. Lately with the rain and lack of transportation I've been in the fitness room. Now I've told ya'll before that my neighborhood is 80% senior citizens right? Ok I live in Florida, that's how it goes. Not that this bothers me. I rather prefer it to living in a more trendy area. My neighborhood is quiet, Peanut gets all kinds of pats and kisses, I usually have the pool to myself, and I get all kinds of Grandma advice and cooking tips. The older men who use the fitness room however are a little, um, too competitive. I'm not a damn Olympic athlete, I exercise to stay strong and healthy. In fact I truly believe from my whole cancer experience, I had a fast recovery because of how healthy I was to begin with. I jog a couple miles, maybe get on the stair climber for a few minutes and that's it. I don't really do weights too much, I don't "body sculpt" or any of that crap. Sometimes I only do one mile or if I'm tired, I'll walk a quick 10 minutes. These men, I'm telling you, are going to give themselves heart attacks trying to outdo each other and, YES even me. Every time I go in there, there's one guy who, when I get on the treadmill, waits until I get to my fastest speed and then puts his higher and higher, smirking at me all the while. I'm 4'11", ok? It doesn't take steroids to outrun, outdo, outlast me ok Mister? The other two make a big deal out of lifting and make sure we can all hear their grunting and huffing noises. Sometimes I get grossed out because it sounds very, ahem, sexual.

-I'm sort of lazy and I HATE routine exercise. I like the way I feel right after and but.... It's so boring. That's why I started going to the park because I've heard people say it's better outside. No it's not. Still sucks.

-In order to make sure I work out, I usually put my exercise clothes on as soon as I get up. Sometimes this works, sometimes it doesn't. Sometimes I skip the whole thing and go to the beach instead.

-And please don't mistake me for someone who eats only healthy things. I don't like sugar-free, fat-free crap. I like fried chicken and gravy dammit. And real ice cream and real Oreo cookies. I like sugar and cream in my coffee please. A friend of mine is obsessed with all that Splenda sugar substitutes and fat free diet stuff. She pays over a hundred and thirty dollars a month for this ridiculous pyramid scheme "health" drink. I found the same ingredients at the GNC store for around $35. I didn't buy it, I don't believe in all that stuff. I take a multivitamin and eat real food. I have a bigger appetite than she does too and I still maintain a healthy weight. I've been telling her for years all those chemicals they put in "sugar-free" and "fat-free" stuff are actually worse than the natural fats and sugars our bodies are accustomed to digesting so you might as well just have the real thing. Just don't eat it in buckets. Of course she at least stopped using sugar substitutes but not because I told her to but because some man told her. This gets on my nerves for some reason.


thailandchani said...

You're right... about those chemicals. It's a money-making scheme. Everything in moderation - and do as you will. The rest works itself out.


Mariposa said...

I completely agree with you! I also don't care about those sugar free thingy...natural for me is when my Mom cooks the veggies from our garden! ;)

And like you, I exercise to be healthy...not necessarily to lose weight and maintain waistline...bec I'm small by nature.

Nice to be back here!

seventh sister said...

Is your friend into Reliv? I tried that stuff for a while. Yuck!!

MsLittlePea said...

No, it's Mona Vie. I think it's a rip off. I'm sure it does some good. I've read a little about the benefits of the acai berry but I don't understand why a bottle of it needs to cost so much. Wine also has antioxidants so I'd rather pay for that.

SUEB0B said...

The unhealthiest people I know drink diet sodas...makes me wonder.