Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Check out my Wordle!

You have to click to enlarge because I don't know how to make it bigger.
I cut and pasted a bunch of sentences from my post about my trip to the beach. This wordle is so me.

Got this link over at The Eleventh with MaryMurtz!

Click here if you want to create one on your own.

Mary helped me with this--(thanks again)
So now no one has to click to enlarge....

yay! that's better

Man I just love nerdy stuff like this.


marymurtz said...

I love it!!!!

If you want to make it bigger, I put some instructions on the comments section of my blog.

If you're using a PC, bring up the original screen and hit CTRL+PrintScreen. Then you can paste it into whatever photo editing software you have and save it as a jpeg.

MsLittlePea said...

oh thanks

Mariposa said...


I might need to steal that...but it will all be crappy words that will come it...but looks like fun, maybe it will help me feel a little better!