Friday, July 11, 2008

What's wrong with this picture?

Well I'll tell you. Some idiot in charge of the golf course across the lake from my neighborhood decided to chop down a dead palmetto tree. Every time I walk by I curse him/her for doing this because this is where my osprey would perch every morning to survey her territory. Now I never see her anymore and have no idea where she hangs out so I feel like I've lost my little morning friend/protector.
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This is the before picture.
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I will not go on a rant but this is why I disapprove of golf courses. Some stupid person decided that a hollowed out palm is not aesthetic to the golfers and cut down my osprey's favorite dead tree. Bastards!


flutter said...

that just sucks

seventh sister said...


super des said...

I hope the osprey claws out their eyes.

hele said...

May the osprey carry their souls into another place.