Friday, September 07, 2007

Random-Catching up

-Dammit I'm exhausted. I'm not sure where all this fatigue came from. The past few days I've been dragging myself around and feeling like someone beat the sugar out of me.....just now I was watching the news and somehow fell asleep for an hour like an old Grandpa after Sunday brunch. What the hell happened?

-I haven't been able to get to every one's blog I'd like to and I also haven't updated my cool people links as I said I would a thousand times, please feel free to leave any reprimands in my comments section especially those of you who linked to me long ago and haven't received reciprocity(say those two words 15 times really fast and let me know how it ends up.)

-On a happy note, I got a card in the mail from the make up counter I frequent for all my beauty necessities. They know who the sucker is all right. I get a free gift with my next purchase of $28.50 or more. I already know this is bait for me to spend more but I can't help but feel extra special about the free gift chosen especially for me by the make up girl who really cares about me. I didn't even start wearing makeup until about 4 years ago and now look at me, it's like crack for me. And oh! Speaking of happy, those sunglasses I've been drooling over are officially under $200.00 and I have given myself permission to buy them next week since that was the price I was waiting for anyway.

-I haven't been able to finish any paintings lately. I really have nothing to add or any excuses, I just felt it was important to say that. Next week will be better.

BTW Anyone who wants a link, let me know ok? This excludes anyone who came upon this website by google searching "ripe ass", "hot damn ass", or "Peanut Humping." I know who you(ya'll) are! I have webmaster and site meter, you know, it's not like I wouldn't have figured it out, so you came here looking for some 'ripe ass' and all you found was a smartass fully clothed housewife with a foul mouth and a hyper dog.....serves you right. I was going to disinvite you but that wouldn't be polite. You're not disinvited so long as you behave.......


flutter said...

Well, crap. Here I was hoping, then you ixnayed my searches!

thailandchani said...

Yeah.. I'll take a link! I like the hot sausage with German mustard.

Oh. You mean HTML stuff.


How much for sunglasses? (I think I'm going to pass out on your comment section floor.) :)



MsLittlePea said...

ooh flutter-I knew it was you! Filthy mind you.

Chani-They are $199.00 and I have a 10% discount card. Still a steep price to pay but I'll keep them for a long time so I'll get my money's worth. Good thing my comment section floor is carpeted :O)

Courtney said...

It's so hard to resist the free makeup gift with $xx purchase. The upside is that there's usually at least one item in the free gift that I end up loving.

MsLittlePea said...


Rebecca said...

yay! enjoy your sunglasses. Put them on, lie down in the sun and get some rest!

Nocturnal said...

You should definitely a few paintings when time allots, it's good for the soul.


Shanshu said...

It's cool that you posted about not having time to post and comment on other blogs.

It's like writing an essay to explain why you don't like to write essays.

I love it!