Monday, September 17, 2007

Squirrel Obstacle Course

A squirrel after my own heart. Thief! I find myself wondering what kind of candy bar that was.

*I didn't find this on my own. It was posted on cuteoverload.


Shanshu said...

I saw something like this on the Discovery channel once. They were trying to find the best "squirrel proof" birdfeeder, or something. They even went so far as to make an obstacle course and see how hard the squirrels were willing to work, to get the food.

As it turns out, a squirrel will go all the way to get what they want.

Mariposa Speaks said...

wow, i wish i am a squirrel! what a shame how i (sometimes) easily give up on something... :P

thailandchani said...

I know squirrels are rodents.. but they sure are cute! :)



Courtney said...

Bella is a great squirrel catcher, and two of them finally outsmarted her -- one would sit on a power line chattering at her, while the second would stealthily sneak down to the feeder for food. Then they would trade places so the first one could eat. Clever little varmints! :D

Big Momma Pimpalishisness With A Cherry On Top said...

Haha... I think it was a Baby Ruth as it was the only white one.

I think squirrels are adorable.

"Glorified rats" is what my grandmother calls them. "You know they're so stupid they hide their nuts and can never find them again, right?"

I still think they're awesome though. Almost as cute as chipmunks.