Wednesday, March 07, 2007


Today I had a disgusting mole removed from just above my right ear. My surgeon who took out my thyroid told me I should have it out during my last appointment and he's the only one I would let perform the procedure. I was freaking out about it before I even got to the office. But I couldn't put it off any longer and I had already rescheduled that appointment twice. It was definitely in the top ten most not fun experiences of my life but not as bad as I thought. I think because he was working in an area so close to my ear the noises made it worse. Since it was located inside my hairline, my doctor had to shave off some of the hair around it but that's ok. It gives me something to laugh at and as you probably know, I'm really good at laughing at myself. I also have three stitches there which was a first for me. I always heard people say what a strange sensation it is to have someone sewing your skin and the feeling of the string pulling and being tied. It truly was and it feels tight, as if I had a face lift on that side. That whole side of my head throbs now that the anesthesia has worn off and my face is a little swollen but I really can't complain. It's not anything an Advil can't help out and if that doesn't work I still have some drugs left over from my surgery......I can't wait to get the stitches taken out. They're bright blue and definitely not my color. Wasn't that a great way to celebrate my anniversary?

*By the way thanks for all the good wishes!!!! I can't wait to get caught up with everyone. I'll tell what happened soon.


super des said...

Well, happy anniversary anyways. At least you don't have to worry about it, and I can't believe the stitches are blue.

anne said...

Happy Anniversary indeed! I apologize for the lateness of the wishes.

I have a mole directly in front of my right ear that my dad wanted to have taken off years ago. Unfortunately, he also expressed (out loud) his concerns about a surgeon hitting the facial nerve, which put me off the surgery completely (if rather unnecessarily). Ah, well.

I wish you happy healing!

Laurie said...

Great big hugs Littlepea. You certainly deserve them after the week you've had.

heartinsanfrancisco said...

I hope it heals quickly. You were very brave to have it done with only a local anesthetic. Mole surgery is always dreadful. Please let us know what the biopsy reveals.

Sending good thoughts and wishes for your excellent health, along with virtual hugs and flowers.