Monday, March 12, 2007

Another Productive Conversation With Neenee

Like I've mentioned before, I talk to my sister just about everyday. She lives a thousand miles away but that doesn't stop us from having some of the most random, dum-dum conversations. She's also in the middle of a really horrible divorce(and OH I plan to blog about that one of these days, lemme tell ya! But I'm zipping it for now) so it can get a little colorful as well. When she or I call, it's always as if we were already in the middle of a conversation as in:

(cue phone ringing)

Me: Hello?

Neenee: And did you know that bastard had the nerve to imply......

Me: Jerk!

Neenee: Asshole!

Me: They have cute sandals at Target, you should go check it out.

Neenee: Yeah! I saw! Ok, call you back I have to run out the door and pick up D- from the bus stop.

---Two hours later---

(cue phone ringing)

Neenee: Hello?

Me: I can't stand that s***! Gets on my nerves!

Neenee: Huh

Me: You know, like when you're listening to a really good romantic R&B song. And you're thinking wow this is a really good song, I think I like it. And then the singer has to go and ruin it by pausing in the middle of the damn song and start talking in a cheesy, deep, breathy-porn voice to the music, You know baby...I just want to take some time to tell you how I feel...I luuuuuv you. Sounds like an idiot!

Neenee: What the hell kind of station are you listening to?

-----The next day(which actually is today):----

(cue phone ringing)

Me: Hello?

Neenee: Omigosh I know exactly what you're talking about now. You know what I can't stand?

Me: huh

Neenee: Ok the cheesy talking doesn't bother me so much but on the video(R&B boyband)-like when they start rubbing their chins and licking their lips. Gross! Is that supposed to turn us on or something?

Me: I know right!

Neenee: (directed at chin-rubbing and lips-licking offender on tv) Barry White can do that,ok? Not yeeew! And button up your shirt, nasty-man.

Me: Girl-repellent.

Neenee: Went to Target, my size was all gone.

----Two hours later----

(cue phone ringing)

Neenee: Hello?

Me: Hurts my feelings!

Neenee: Who?

Me: Not who, it.

Neenee: What it?

Me: My coffeemaker is broken and it hurts my feelings.

Neenee: I'm in love with Anderson Cooper. I heard he might be gay but damn I'd love to maybe change his mind....that hurts my feelings.

The conversation never really goes anywhere and it's never really over either.


super des said...

That's awesome. I wish my sis and I were that close!

Hel said...

Hah, hah. These are just like the conversations I have with my sister.

It use to drive my family nuts. I would talk about my story and she would reply with her story

Blondie said...

My sis and I are so busy now that we only get to talk about once a week and somewhere in the middle, she replies to my VERY serious problem with, "Do you need to go potty?" Because she's talking to my niece. ;)

Madge said...

I know just what that's like.