Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Tuesday Confession

I'm am scared to death of the dark. And clowns. And ghosts. And psychopaths. And serial-killers/rapists. And kidnappers. Spiders too. Sharks. Alligators of course. Not a big fan of centipedes. Or snakes. Tsumanis scare me too. The list never ends. But right now I'm just going to talk about my fear of the dark.

We lost power Sunday night due to some really strong wind. I have to admit that I forgot where I put our flashlights so for about 5 seconds, I had a mini-panic attack. The truth is, because we lived in South Florida a couple years ago for those two really bad hurricane seasons, we are the sort of people you want to be staying with during a time like that because we have so much experience and all the equipment. So I really have no reason to freak out, but I've been afraid of the dark since I was 4....I'm sure a psycho analyst could have all kinds of fun with me and all the things that I'm paranoid about but fear of the dark is not one I'll ever get over. I always envy people who can just turn off all the lights and fall asleep. I have to at least have the blinds a little open to let in the street light so I can see down the hall and make sure the clown from that movie Poltergeist isn't running down my hallway with a knife. (I'm so afraid of clowns, I once screamed,"get the f- away from me," in front of everyone's children at the mall because of one who was just trying to give me a free balloon but like I said that's for another day.) It's so irrational but I can't help it. Come to think of it, it's probably because of all the horror films I used to watch.

After my 5 second mini-panic attack, Peanut started huffing, looking for whoever was trying to kill me. That sort of snapped me out of it. I saw my cell phone light and crawled towards it and used it to light my way into the kitchen. I found matches and our emergency candles so I could help my husband who, at this point, was now walking in circles freaking out because his wife was in hysterics, find the flashlights and mini tv. So that's my confession. It's not really a confession because anyone who knows me is already aware of this.

We were out of power for a little over an hour. My husband hasn't finished making fun of me about Sunday night.


super des said...

you're so cute :)

I keep my blinds open too, but just because I don't like that envelope of total darkness.

Laurie said...

You are cute...and honest. We got my dad a couple of flashlights that plug in to outlets. They automatically turn on when the power goes off. It might be good to get one or two for emergencies...

That's one clever little Yvonne said...

When I was in 5th grade I went to see Interview With A Vampire with my cousins and aunt (aunt got us into the rated R movie then went and watched a different movie.)

I lasted for 20 minutes before I got so scared I had to go sit outside for the rest of the movie. Because of that 20 minutes I had to sleep with the lights on for a year.

Don't feel bad :)-

thailandchani said...

I think most of us like to have some light in the room. My bedside radio puts out a bit of light as does the computer monitor in the room attached to my bedroom. Last thing I want to do is stumble around in the dark.

Irrational fears? I can't be in a room with a closet that is half hanging open. It has to be either all the way open.. or closed.

I have no idea where that comes from. LOL



Dan said...

Of COURSE you're afraid of the dark! How else are you going to see all of those clowns, ghosts, psychopaths, serial killers/rapists, kidnappers, spiders, sharks, alligators, centipedes, snakes and tsumanis unless you have the lights on!!