Sunday, April 01, 2007

Look who's hanging out by the pool again

Looks like a nice, peaceful day doesn't it?

Take a closer look.


Should I freak out? Should I move? Do you think his favorite food is 4'11" girls who walk their dog?

He's big enough to eat Peanut as a side dish with some of my leg for dessert.

I thought he was relocated because of StupidLadyWhoFeedsHim. Maybe he came back - I've heard of that happening. I guess he likes to golf because he always hangs out on the golf course side of the bank closest to the pool area. Like I said before, he's probably trying to get a good view of all the bikini action going on. Can you see the golf carts back there? They saw him and just went along their merry way like it was no big deal. Ok, I've lived here almost all my life and it's never no big deal.(did that sentence make sense?) Actually HE might be a SHE getting ready to lay eggs. In that case I'm really freaking out because that means a protective mother plus more alligator babies. Ok, I'm seriously thinking about moving......


super des said...

Well, you know to keep your (and Peanut's) distance. Do that.

Hel said...

Sjoe, you have such cool creatures living near you.

And I'm so happy that peanut's results came back negative. Some negatives are positive.

Although the lizard migt feel differently :)

Thailand Gal said...

That's an unbelievably beautiful place around you there. However, living without the alligator would definitely be okay. :)



Jay said...

If there are free treats, I might move into that pond myself.

anne said...

I know they are threatening, because they do eat animals and people at times... but I still love alligators. You just need to be watchful - seriously. Especially with Peanut.

I lived in Chattahoochee for a few years when I was a child - to me, Florida was a fairy-land! Such pretty plants - the palms with the bright orange fruit, orchids, and otherwise exotic greenery. The tiny lizards and the tree frogs were my favorite. However, my parents were both very wary about alligators and also water moccasins. One can understand the danger.

Still and all - you live in a lovely place. Thank you for sharing the photos! And thank you for being a friend.

MsLittlePea said...

Des-yes of course. I'm scared to death of them and contrary to what most people think they are fast on land too.

hel- me too. You know what it's like to love a dog so much. I was hyperventilating the entire time I spent in the exam room.

Chani- It is really beautiful here. So far the developers haven't gone too crazy in my area but it's inevitable...I do hate golf courses though, it's too manicured. I like WILD grass and vines growing everywhere, flowers galore and spanish moss hanging all over the place.

Jay-I'm sure that alligator is getting all kinds of treats for free. If he's the same one I used to see last year, he's grown big and fat.

Anne-I would love to hear about your childhood in Chattahoochee(what a mouthful!) I've never been there but I'm sure it's beautiful-I've heard so. I think someone wrote a couple country songs about the waters there. I've never seen a moccasin so far, but I've seen a lot of other snakes. And tree frogs-I love them too. They are so green and pretty. They really do look like Kermit. I'm happy to be your friend.

Madge said...

Look at his devilish grin!

I still haven't seen any gators by our lake but I know they're in there!

Courtney said...

It snowed here today, forgive me if I'm not too sympathetic towards your alligator plight! :P

MsLittlePea said...

Madge-I'm sure they're in there too! Especially down where you guys are so be careful!

Courtney-I'm sorry about the snow. I once had a mini-nervous breakdown because of snow. It's pretty though.

Shanshu said...


See, this is why living in Kansas doesn't always suck. The worst thingI have to deal with here is birds who poop on my car.

Or sometimes, drunks who do the same thing. But that's just not something I care to discuss right now.

Sers'ly...friggin alligators? Have fun with that.

Sometimes Saintly Nick said...

40 years ago, when i was in college, I spent my summers working on a golf course beside the Ohio River. Nothing like him ever crawled out of the river. Thank God!

Blondie said...

OMG--ack! OK, at least I don't see those on my Chicago sidewalks. Yet.

Laurie said...

YIKES! I'd be scared too!

Courtney said...

I don't know why I forgot about this, but I just remembered: Last summer we went fishing at a pond that's stocked for children. So even though adults can't keep anything, it's great for my fishing self-esteem. One day we went and there was just nothing. No bites, no trout jumping, so we gave up and went home. The next day in the newspaper there was an article about the alligator that was found in that very same pond the day before we were there. So no wonder there were no fish in the pond -- there had been an alligator feeding off them. In Montana.

Just thought I'd share.

MsLittlePea said...

Shanshu-Oh I intend to. Now you should feel better about living in Kansas, Dor...I mean Shanshu.

Nick-Ohhh the Ohio River! I've heard people call it ugly because it's brown but I think it's beautiful.

Blondie-yeah, you don't wanna see those on the sidewalk. Although I read about rumors that there were alligators living in the New York sewers so you never know. I seriously doubt it though.

Laurie-Trust me I am so scared. I joke and smartmouth about it here on my blog but I'm seriously freaking out about it.

Courtney-I bet someone had one as a pet and it got too big so they got rid of it that way. Happens a lot. People do that with snakes too. Pretty sad.