Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Conversation at dinner

(We've been having a lot of conversations about my career. I should note that I want to go back to college when all my health issues are taken care of and paid for. All my life I wanted to be a teacher but the way the education system is going, I'm a little discouraged. I'm trying to think of what else I'd like to do. My husband is very supportive, but he knows me better than I like to admit.)

I can't wait to go back to school.

Him: What are you going to study?

Me: I don't know anymore. I still kind of want to be a teacher, but I'm not sure.

Him: Do you have anything else in mind?

Me: Well, after watching Planet Earth the other night I was thinking of maybe majoring in Marine Biology. I love dolphins and I like microscopes and stuff....

Cue him laughing.

Me:(angry) That wasn't a joke! I do like dolphins, I love whales too, and starfish and all that stuff-you know I love animals. I love the sea-I was born on a tropical island, remember?? I don't see anything funny about that! I loved Blue Planet, I loved that show, that's my favorite damn show!

Him: ok!!! Of course, you'd be the best ever, honest.

Me: Well why were you laughing at me then?

Him: Don't get mad.

Me: I won't unless you tell me you don't think I'm smart enough.

Him: Of course you're smart enough, you would be great. You could do whatever you want.

Me: Well?!!

Him: You hated chemistry and math. You told me.

Me: No, I said had a shitty teacher for chemistry so I didn't learn much but I liked it! I grew the best damn crystals in my class! I did hate math. Still though, I could learn those formulas and stuff. AND I liked science. I kicked everyone's ass when we did genetics. My f-ing fruit flies were a huge success. For about five damn seconds my biology professor thought I discovered a new kind of amoeba dammit! Everyone wanted to be my lab partner. You didn't know me then, so how the hell would you know?

Him: Ok ok! I know you now and of course you could. I'm not saying you can't. You really could. I wish you would then really, I'm so proud of you. You'd be great.

Me: Well?!

Him: You hate fish. You hate boats. You hate water. You hate seaweed. You hate germs. You're scared of sharks. You hate scuba.

Long Pause-not angry anymore
Me:Oh. Maybe Botany then.

He's right. I have zero desire to scuba and I'm so afraid of sharks I swim in the ocean for about 2 minutes before I start freaking out and jump out. I don't really mind boats but hello?! Titanic. I don't hate fish I love them all. I just don't like to eat them. If not for all that other stuff, I would totally make a great Marine Biologist dammit.


anne said...

I don't think you should discard the idea of being a teacher just yet, especially if that's something you've been thinking about for a long time. I can picture you as a teacher - I think you'd be good at it. I only know you through the blogosphere, of course, so I'm in no position to give actual helpful advice, so I'll shut up now!

Science... that's something I do know about. In my opinion, the only way to get anywhere with science is to get a PhD. That's almost the only way to be able to steer your own career. Granted, there is certainly interesting work being done at the BS and MS level, but you are at the mercy of the person writing the grants. That, or you work for the government. That's pretty much why I'm going to school to be a nurse - I'm not a PhD, and I don't want to rely on one to make my living for the rest of my life.

/steps off of soapbox, backs away...

Sorry - it's a topic I feel strongly about, trying to decide what one wants to do when one chooses a career. I'm still feeling my way through the process. If you have any science career related questions, I'd be happy to talk to you!

Paul said...

I can relate, having majored in Undeclared until the middle of my junior year in college. And I ended up as an English major who'd taken no teaching courses...

super des said...

After I was done with college (with my degree in literature) I was like "I should be a forensic entomologist." My boyfriend simply asked if I knew what that required. An interest in bugs and dead people, right? No... you need like 3 PhDs in a field that was not literature. There went my short-lived dreams.

Courtney said...

That almost sounds like the exact conversation Dan and I had (we didn't have the last part of it, though;). I gave up on being a teacher a long time ago, and he only questions my choice to major in Biology because I'm a little sketchy with math. Marine Biology was my goal, too, but now I'm leaning towards Evolutionary Biology. I've changed my major about 8 times, though, so what I ultimately end up with is anyone's guess.

Good luck! It's a hard decision. (You'll rock at whatever you decide!!!)

MsLittlePea said...

Thanks for all the input guys. My original major was art but I'd rather do that for myself. Teaching is not completely out of the question. I just know a few who got in with good intentions and are burnt out or have quit to do other things. The Fl school system is SO BAD. If I were to be a teacher it would be kindergarten or first grade, when the kids are actually happy to be there and there's no focus on state testing. I still have some time to think over it.

thailandchani said...

You'd probably be a very good teacher.. and there are all sorts of schools available. You wouldn't have to teach in the public school system which, I agree, would be rather futile (at least on the surface of things).

You could teach science. :)



Courtney said...

Tee hee, guess what? My first major was fine art! I thought that was a neat coincidence.

MsLittlePea said...

Courtney! I love your new pic! I didn't recognise you. That is a cool coincidence!

Laurie said...

I think you'd be a great teacher. With your quirky sense of humor and fun personality, the kids would flock to your classes. I know the education system is a mess, but we need fantastic teachers and I honestly think you'd be one.

thethinker said...

Ever since seeing Jaws, any career involving me in water/on a boat near sharks has been taken off of my list.

Don't give up on the teaching ambition. I'm sure you'd make a great one.

ellie bee said...

this is hysterical. I would love to be a marine biologist--at sea world, but never, never out in the ocean!!! YUCK!

Jay said...

Damn. It's hard when someone else knows you that well.

Sometimes Saintly Nick said...

It ain't no laughin' matter! My #2 son tells me he wants to be a marine biologist. To the best of my knowledge, he's never been near a ocean. Of course, I haven't mention that to him.

Hel said...

I would have loved to have you as a teacher. You should become a teacher just to save litle kids from sour people with no sense of humour. But I agree with everyone - not at a public school.

Or an art therapist who works with children.

After I got really excited about an advertised post Florian pointed out to me that I hate constantly having to organize people and that pretending to love working with people landed me my current job. Sigh, at least it saved me having to update my CV with lies.

heartinsanfrancisco said...

Why don't you become a biology teacher? I don't think Scuba is necessary for that.

And don't write off seaweed altogether -- vegetarian sushi is great. Is the iodine in it dangerous for you, though?

You'll be wonderful at whatever you decide to do, Sweet Pea.