Monday, April 23, 2007

Laziness & I guess I should say something about Earth Day(which was yesterday but better late than never right)

A couple things make me LIVID! I might have a point in here somewhere. Let me know if I do or not. Basically these are just random thoughts that may or may not have something to do with the environment but mostly it's about laziness. A characteristic that I'm both fond of(because I am)and loathe. This isn't a rant or bitch-fest, this isn't even a political statement, just a few things I witnessed yesterday, then found out it was Earth Day. I used to be really passionate about these issues back before they were issues. 13 years ago I once hid in some bushes like a little elf so I could take pictures of a sick dolphin that was being neglected by its owners, a nasty resteraunt, that used the dolphin to attract customers but that's a story for another day.

* I should note that I used to smoke so I understand the whole, it's an addiction thing, before anyone gets mad at me. But! WHY WHY WHY is it so hard to walk an extra couple of steps to put the cigarette in the ashtray instead of stepping on it then leaving it there? And since I'm on the subject WHY WHY WHY is it absolutely necessary to flick cigarettes out the window while driving? Cars contain OIL and GASOLINE, very flamable, any 4th grader knows that. Not to mention Smokey The Bear always told us to remember our friends in the forest and only WE can prevent forest fires-hello!!?

*The same can be asked about people who enjoy a day at the beach then leave all of their trash when they leave.There's only a trash can located at every entrance, is it that hard to carry beer cans and chip bags a few feet? They're now empty so it should be a lighter load than at arrival! And no one noticed the HUGE SIGNS saying not to leave any plastic bags because the ENDANGERED sea turtles will eat them thinking they are jellyfish then suffocate???

*My husband and I ate lunch at my favorite Caribean resteraunt. I saw people changing a diaper on the table next to us. It didn't really bother me because I wasn't eating with them but, gross. Later, I saw the same people drop the dirty diaper in the parking lot and leave it there. Nasty people, I swear. I thought about taking a picture so I could blog about it but then realised I was actually thinking about taking a picture of a dirty diaper.

This was today but it still sort of applies.
*I timed myself to see how long it would take to walk to the grocery store. (I wanted to make my mother-in-law's famous spaghetti sauce and I just needed one more thing) I did this because on my way down the stairs, I ran into one of my neighbors and we chatted for a minute. When I told her I was walking to the store, she and her friend looked at me like I was crazy and asked me if I wouldn't rather ride with them later on. Why walk, she asked, I can drive you, I need to get some milk anyway. I said because it's sunny and breezy. No response. I said, I do it all the time, the store's just right there. She sort of gave her friend a look which I am too lazy and don't care enough about it to interpret. Is it actually really that crazy to (gasp!) walk somewhere? I checked the time and it was 2:46. I walked into the store entrance at 2:49. I thought to myself in an imaginary 2nd conversation with my neighbor,"you mean to tell me that you are too lazy to walk for a total of 6 minutes to the store and back for a friggin pint of milk?"

This is just my opinion but-
There's good laziness and then there's bad laziness. On the weekends I like to lay on the beach. I can lay there for hours. I listen to music and drink apple juice, I'll even feed a bird or 3-this is good lazy. Once, a boyfriend I had actually wanted to get into his car and drive to the end of the mall because he was looking for a certain store, instead of just walking-this is bad lazy. I just laughed at him and said let's walk, so we walked. This was a little test. No boyfriend of mine is going to stay my boyfriend if he's that lazy. To me, that's the difference.

BTW-that boyfriend is now my husband. I still tease him about that. And just in case you got worried, the dolphin was taken away from them and relocated-I don't remember if he ended up at Sea World or a seaquarium nearby.


super des said...

I am also good lazy. But not when it comes to the people that are bad lazy. These are the people that motivate me to get up off my ass and hit them with frying pans.

I lov walking. I think that's one of the reasons I heart NYC. People walk everywhere. It's super.

I also love that one of your tags is "people I give dirty looks." Cracks me up.

MsLittlePea said...

hmmm-motivation. Maybe those people are actually good for something.

I'm a lovuh not a fightuh but dammit some people NEED to be given dirty looks to! It's another public service I like to perform.

Laurie said...

I am being good lazy tonight. I have been lounging since I got off of work.

I agree that the dirty diaper people are nasty, icky people. It makes me sad to think they are raising a child. I know that sounds harsh...

Sometimes Saintly Nick said...

I wonder: if we folks in the so-called "first world" were a bit more lazy, might not that be better for Mother Earth?

super des said...

I also hate when people throw trash on the ground. There's a trash can RIGHT THERE!!! use it!!