Sunday, February 10, 2008

Lamest blog on Earth?

I keep saying this: I know my posts have been few and sporadic but it's because I've been feeling sick. When I'm better, so will my posts and visiting will be more frequent. Should I just record it and make it a sound byte over here? It's true though.

This does not mean I want peeps to feel sorry for me because although, normally I enjoy the attention, but I don't want any pity, honest. Just some patience. Plus I don't feel as awful as one would think. Just tired and head&muscle achy. This is going to be over as soon as next week and then I'll be back to my annoying, smartassy, energy filled, shark tooth lovin', shoe buying, blog posting self.

Oh OH! I quit coffee again. I switched to decaf. This is because too much of my day is spent worrying about whether or not I'll have time for my caffeine fix. And I don't like the addict part of it all. But I do love coffee in the winter(pinch of sugar lots of cream) so the only way to keep it in my life until it gets hot outside again was to make the switch now. Another reason was that I was anticipating that the coffee in the hospital this coming week was going to be just as disgusting as it was last year so I thought it would be prudent to just wean myself off now and save myself the bratty temper tantrum I would be throwing to myself in that room all alone giving me another reason to get all depressed and wish I was at home. (good run on don't you think?) Which is what I'll be doing anyway but at least I won't be homesick for my own coffee. Coffee people, you guys understand what I'm talking about. There's no other coffee on Earth that tastes better than the pot you make for yourself everyday because it's just the way you like it. Anyway, I hope everyone is having a great weekend.


flutter said...

We love you.

seventh sister said...

Yes, we do. Hope you are feeling better real soon.

thailandchani said...

Hope you are feeling better, too! Just got back.. so I'll be catching up with you.

marymurtz said...

I'll think of you while savoring my home-brewed pot of starbucks espresso blend coffee with cream and sugar.


hele said...

I enjoy every post (especially the ones with peanut in) and I have lots of patience.

I also had to go on decaf. The last time I had cofee I threw such a tantrum (too much nervous energy) that we decided it would be the safer option.

Big Momma Pimpalishisness said...

I don't drink coffee but i have a diet coke addiction that I've been fighting for years now. I'm currently losing.

Awwww I'm a cokehead.

Laurie said...

I am addicted to my own coffee too, and I admit that I'm not strong enough to quit cold turkey. You are one tough chicky.

Hugs and feel better soon,

Mariposa said...

Have a wonderful Valentine's Day your highness! ;)

Sending you lots of hugs!

Whiskeymarie said...

Hope you're doing well, sweets- and I hope you're having a nice Valentine's.