Thursday, February 28, 2008

The Day of Starvation

My body scan is at 4:30 this afternoon and I was told not to eat starting midnight, last night. This means my first real meal today will occur around 8:00PM tonight because the body scan takes 3 hours, hopefully by then I won't fall into a starvation induced coma since I only weigh 105 and happen to be one of the rare people who actually likes food. Well I can have Jello, which is a joke and chicken broth which might make me gag but I'll do my best. I'm also allowed to have any clear drinks including tea and coffee without milk. Since I quit coffee a couple weeks ago, luckily I won't go crazy and strangle anyone because of the no milk part and I don't put milk in my tea anyway.

So far so good with the not eating but then again it's barely 9:30AM. I do notice a low tolerance for pain and irritation but that's just because I feel a little stressed out and pissed off at everyone who's name is not Peanut. Ok maybe Mr Pea is not so bad either, I actually feel sorry for him having to watch his wife so unhappy and not feeling well while he can't do anything about it besides offer to buy me things because he feels sorry for me and can't think of anything else to do. He helped reconfigure my ipod so it's ready for my scan later and for that he's forever in my good graces.

But every once in a while, like when I hear the guy-downstairs-who-loves-his-motorcycle-and-thinks-he's-Don-Johnson
-circa-Miami-Vice-all-the -way-to-the-blond-highlights revving his motorcycle for 20/30 minutes at 6 AM OR when the substitute mail man who thinks the whole neighborhood wants to hear Rush Limbaugh radio at full friggin' blast instead of having a quiet lunch(and I live on the top floor so it really is that loud), I do get the slightest urge to grab someone by the shoulders and shake them until their eyeballs roll backwards like I saw on Looney Tunes as a kid. Yeah, that's how I feel sometimes. It's not so much the Rush Limbaugh that offends me, and oh he does. I remember my dad used to listen to him a little when I was growing up and it was so hateful and offensive to me then, that I'm pretty sure this contributed to why I am absolutely contrary to that pill popping loud mouth in my political leanings--I meant Rush not my dad when I said those hateful things, obviously.(But I bet you didn't know that Daddy?) But it's not Rush really that's been raking my nerves. What offends me is the utter lack of consideration for others, that one's life and needs are so much more important than other people's peace and quiet in a neighborhood full of senior retirees and parents with young children and at least one sick person who might not feel like listening to loud obnoxious motorcycles or loud obnoxious radios. Heartinsanfrancisco talked about a similar feeling recently when some rude person stole her umbrella. But then again, I'm grouchy and jealous of anyone who gets to eat today. How are you?


thailandchani said...

Can't agree with you more about loud neighbors and people who feel some god-given right to exert their measly power over everyone else in their environment.

Can't live with them and can't shoot them - the latter being unfortunate. :)

I think my Buddhist card just crumbled with this one, so excuse me just this once. LOL

super des said...

I get super cranky when I can't eat, so I can only imagine what you must be going through.
soon it will be done with.

hele said...

I am well just a bit jealous of anyone who does not have statistics homework to do.

I hope by the time you read this you have had a wonderful meal and feel happy again.

flutter said...

I am fasting in solidarity, babe!