Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Because I have nothing to blog about

I have nothing interesting to say since my existence is comparable to an inside only cat. Well besides the time I spend outside walking, er ok not really walking but, wobbling around with Peanut. It's a lot of work but I feel ok while I'm out. Once I'm finally up the stairs and inside I'm totally out of energy for at least a couple hours though. It's so good to get outside for a few minutes, I would never give up my time out in the fresh cold air with Peanut.( even though I probably look like the town drunk)

Anyway, whatevs.(I picked up that word from a show my friend's daughter was watching and now my husband and I can't stop saying it to each other) Since I don't have anything wonderful to tell you guys about, tell me something. Something silly, anything. Amuse me dammit. :O)


marymurtz said...

Maybe this is cheating, because I wrote it yesterday on my blog, but when I was driving home last night from work, I saw a minivan being driven by a woman who looked exactly like Roger Ebert.

And speaking of inside only cats...Hazel is getting better. (She's the cat with the feeding tube). It's been 10 days and she is noticeably better, with a little more weight on her. She isn't running around or anything, but she's doing pretty well.

Mariposa said...

Please check your email...and, I just wrote an Obituary, in case you want to read!

Enjoy your walks with Peanuts and t c!

seventh sister said...

Lani says 'Hi' to Peanut and hopes he si not dragging you around that way she drags me when we go for a walk.

flutter said...

Whatevs cracks me up, and so do you.

Catherine said...

Inside-only-cat. SO well put!