Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Curse that oven!

Someone came over this morning to fix my oven. I've been putting off calling about getting it fixed just because I hate having to wait for them to come for the 6 hours time span they always give you and frankly I don't enjoy having people I've never met before with metal tools and blunt objects in my house because I'm pretty paranoid.(Psychoman is always on the loose, I'm telling you guys.)The problem was the top coil thingy inside the oven wasn't working. Or so I thought. Of course it suddenly started working after months of not working when the repairman turned it on. Feeling like a jackass, I said,"Well, it wasn't working before. It hasn't been working for a long time! The reason why I know this is because every time I want to bake something, the bottom is always burnt and the tops are raw, like when I make cookies. I can't even bake pies or cakes because of that coil." So he tried it again. Again it works. So I said sorry, thank you and he went on his way. I'm so vain about my cooking I actually wondered to my sister 5 minutes later on the phone if he just thought I was a crappy cook and was blaming it on the stove. But then she asked me why I cared whether or not he or anyone thought I was a shitty cook since I hate cooking anyway. She has a point. I do hate to cook.... still though. He didn't know that.

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Marymurtz said...

Our stupid stove WON'T die so we can get a new one. We can't justify it unless it stops working. It works just well enough to piss me off that we have to put up with it.

Goddamn Kenmore. That f***er is 17 years old and still bakes and cooks. Crap.